George Santos Answers Hard-Hitting Questions | Ziwe Interview

George Santos Answers Hard-Hitting Questions | Ziwe Interview

Ziwe sits down with George Santos for a groundbreaking interview about his time in Congress, Nicki Minaj, Drag Race, white collar crime, why Gen Z loves Trump, his forthcoming book (??), and if he ever plans to run for office again. Ziwe News Network starts now.




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29 Responses

  1. @probably_hayden says:

    as a politics nerd AND a messy bitch, this is my most hyped release of the year!

  2. @ZephyrFate says:

    The “civil rights leaders” segment ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME. The fact that he knew absolutely none of them.

  3. @isdeirinnme says:

    So many gold moments. But his inability to define empathy is probably the most honest thing he’s said in a long time.

    • @tbsffxx says:

      One of the many references to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. One of my favorite parts of her interviews is how 1/2 of her references go over the interviewee’s head. They get tripped up into an involuntary shout out to a reality show haha

  4. @setpimus says:

    This is actually a masterclass. It’s like gotcha journalism and tabloid press had a baby and it grew up to marry incisive political reporting.

  5. @jjupiter1218 says:

    Ziwe not giving santos her autograph was probably one of the smartest decisions she’s made 😂😂

  6. @Writtenbytruth says:

    I hope Ziwe will start doing interviews on her YouTube again now that the show is cancelled. She’s iconic. 🫶🏾

  7. @thotwire says:

    There is no such thing as diva down. Only diva up

  8. @bi_smth says:

    Honestly this was such a fun interview I think even Ziwe enjoyed herself

    • @spacebar9733 says:

      I hope she was proud of herself but i couldnt enjoy myself. His vibe even through the screen gives “no ability to empathize”.

    • @romulanwarbird6600 says:

      There is a purse full of dollar bills (10:44 mark) to see if Santos would steal it? LOL

  9. @carmitch says:

    Give Ziwe an Emmy RIGHT NOW!! How is she not on one of the major networks?

  10. @horrorview says:

    Ziwe needs to be the new Daily Show host PERMANENTLY.

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