Pick a Video Game Item

Pick a Video Game Item

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i want to do more of these ask community questions because it’s fun, but it’s a new format I’m still working on ironing out the kinks with. I hope you like it. There were a lot of good answers but I only am able to answer a couple. Maybe I should make multiple videos replying to comments and such. Idk I will figure it out!

If I had a game I would love to live in it would be minecraft, but there aren’t a lot of good items to have from minecraft by itself. Unless you think of enchanted minecraft items.

Thank you for watching.

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42 Responses

  1. Berd says:

    the #1 answer to all three is asura’s wrath, from asura’s wrath.
    not asura, just his wrath

  2. Biscuits says:

    I’d probably choose Maxwell’s Book from Don’t Starve Together, for all 3 scenarios cause
    1. I can summon more of myself to help me fight the zombie hordes (and for use as cannon fodder)
    2. I can summon more of myself to just do everything better/faster (imagine how much faster cleaning up’s gonna be with like 12 people)
    3. I can summon more of myself to just overwhelm Toronto with an endless horde of me’s (also for use as cannon fodder)
    All at the small price of losing bits and pieces of my sanity!

  3. Junco says:

    I’d love a portal gun too… The only downside though is that they’re only usable on the white panels made specifically for them.

  4. Awesomemay says:

    the drawings of the items are so adorable

  5. ArtisticallyPri says:

    The fact that I’ll never skip ice cream sandwiches sponsor segments just shows how awesome of a comedic animator he is.

  6. GaloTechDog says:

    Well, even though I’d love a Portal Gun, it’d be pretty useless, because it requires the surface where you put the portal on to be made out of moon rocks, which is pretty hard to come by imo

    • swiggitygiggity 123 says:

      @Gavin Wilson I think it had to do with how flat a surface is, old aperture originally used wood and concrete for their portal walls and it worked decently. They probably switched to moon rocks because they knew that moon dust is very fine, so surfaces coated in it would be almost featureless.

    • GaloTechDog says:

      @Gavin Wilson Oh yeah that’s true, I forgot about that. I guess it’d still work, but the uses would be pretty limited

    • wooper says:

      and you need long fall boots
      sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1

    • Gavin Wilson says:

      Not necessarily. In the first game, you can put portals on all kinds of surfaces. I guess the lore is supposed to be that it works better somehow with moon rocks.

    • Dysen Utke says:

      I mean you would have a zero cost way to the moon

  7. Tren Haios says:

    Singing Monsters is actually a really good game (I used to play it when I was a kid). They made a good choice making you thier sponsor sharer.

  8. Cyber Silver says:

    One of my favorite scenarios to think about is what would happen if say 1 million~ gamers turned into the last character they played as in a video, *exactly* how they were when you played them. Whatever was in your inventory at the time, whatever level and upgrades you had. Your power isn’t based on lore, just however those game mechanics would translate into real life.

    How would the world react? Are people who play geometry dash sentient cubes? Would Steve be able to turn real diamonds into Minecraft diamonds by putting them in his inventory? Do NPC companions that are attached to your character also come to life, or are they just gone, or even some random person now stuck as that role?

    I’m going off on a tangent, and I already have my own answers and rules that I like to abide by, but I would love to hear some of your guy’s opinions and even what character you played as last. How screwed are you?

    Edit: Now that the ball is rolling, I’ll reveal mine. To stay true to the spirit of the question, I’ll go with the game I was playing the day I first seriously thought of this. I would be the Geo Traveler from Genshin Impact (Lumine specifically). Not the worse thing out there, and having the teapot as a portable home is very nice.

    • John Rogers says:

      I was playing MTGA. So I guess that makes me a planeswalker? Am I restricted to this plane? Am I restricted to the mana and spells in the deck I was using last? I mean I’m not complaining either way. It’s pretty epic regardless.

    • Juango 500 says:

      My last played game was roblox and I was playing a building game. I would obtain the most powerful tools in the world (F3X) because I would be able to just spawn a car from thin air, or a wall.

    • Cyber Silver says:

      @Joshua A Yes

    • Joshua A says:

      So if the last game I played was League of Legends, would I then be the last character I played in it? If so I’m Akshan! (Not the worst character from league to be lol)

    • Big Dick Johnson says:

      I would be the demolition guy from Teardown.

      If I would be without my mods I would be a very strong dude, but if I have my mods I would be a literal god

  9. Pixel Higitsune says:

    Keep in mind that the Portal gun can just be used on moon stuff surfaces, sooo probebly not that usefull except you got a lot of moon paint or something around.

  10. Ariel Gogni Cuello says:

    Best item is the Scribblenauts unlimited Notebook and it’s not even close. You essentially just become a god upon pickup or the notebook

    Like other choices like the different Gmod guns are powerful, but not only can the notebook probably make something even stronger, but the notebook can also make YOU immortal

    • Blue says:

      @Spurrit yep. In-game, theirs a custom item creator. And in world, Maxwell created all of Dc.

    • Yoshi705 says:

      @Spurrit exactly wait why do you want a rocket launcher

    • TESO - Ambience says:

      With the Book you just can draw all the items

    • Zaire says:

      @Lily Wilson That depends on the constraints. If you get the item as-is in the game, you could only use the catalogued words. But if you get the item as it’s _meant_ to be, then yes.
      However, if you’re changing it to what it’s _meant_ to be, then Gmod’s tool gun can do the same while being more useful.

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