Pokémon BATTLE ROYALE: Ultra Beast Edition! Explained! @TerminalMontage

Pokémon BATTLE ROYALE: Ultra Beast Edition! Explained! @TerminalMontage

Be sure to watch the battle here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5myIiXLqug
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Pokemon Sun and Moon gave us the ultra beasts:
Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheramosa, Stakataka, Guzzlord, Blacephalon, Kartana, Celesteela, Poipole, Naganadel, Xurkitree, and Miltank… well I guess Miltank is here too. But which ultra beast would win in a battle royale? In this video, I explain what happens in the @TerminalMontage animation I helped with. In way you could consider this an Ultra Beat Battle Royale Reaction! A TerminalMontage -Pokemon Battle Royale: ULTRA BEASTS! Collab w/ @Lockstin & Gnoggin REACTION

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53 Responses

  1. Lockstin & Gnoggin says:

    Also! since I see it’s being asked, Necrozma, Solgaleo, and Lunala, were not included because while from ultra space and heavily implied to be “”ultra beasts”” they are not OFFICIALLY ultra beasts. Also they were in the Legendary Pokemon Battle Royale, so check them out there!
    What others would you like to see? And did you appreciate our mascot Snugooi making a cameo with me in the end of TerminalMontage’s video?

    • The Last Straight Guy says:

      Have you spotted the bots in your comment section? One’s on my comment.

    • Gregory Blood says:

      The ordinary pokemon battle royale left out a ton of mons. Maybe battle royales by generation would let you focus on more pokemon that got skipped over in the big one.

    • Mike Clark says:

      They 100% officially are Ultra Beasts. All forms of Necrozma are called Ultra Beast, the Beast Ball is used on him, and the anime in both languages calls Solgaleo and Lunala Ultra Beasts.

    • Kevin Elmore says:

      i think you should do a battle royal where pokemon with different regional forms fight each other (when scarlet and violet come out past and present)

    • Jetstream Sam The Brazilian Wind Of Destruction says:

      Why did you use MY LINE WITHOUT *MY PERMISSION*

  2. TerminalMontage says:

    Kartana and Phermosa broke my heart..

    These are always a blast to work on, thanks for working on this with me! I look forward to the next one 😉

  3. NintenDweeb says:

    Fun fact: in the anime, Kartana says backwards “once again I cut a worthless object” which is a reference to Goemon from Lupin III

  4. EpiclyEpicGamer says:

    The only pokemon battle Royale that I can think of to come next would be a starter battle royale, Edit: ALRIGHT I GET THERE ARE BATTLE ROYALES THAT COULD HAPPEN

    • IsaacBoi says:

      And Regional Form Battle Royale, and Fire-type, Ice-type, etc.

    • Gregory Blood says:

      The “all ordinary Pokémon” battle royale was honestly disappointing, because they obviously couldn’t come close to showing all ordinary Pokémon. Personally I think we could use ordinary Pokémon by generation so more Pokémon can have the spotlight.

    • lyingcorn says:

      @Dashboard Comics In super smash bros, Kirby can’t defeat Galeem himself and has to save everyone else to be able to do it (and still loses 2/3 times). Sephiroth kills Galeem in one hit. Canon Kirby beats canon Sephiroth, but smash bros sephiroth beats to smash bros Kirby

    • veryc0mm0nname says:

      @alemanthony The same can be said for legendary pokemon, as long as the generation limit is statement, I don’t think people will mind.

    • Garbage Lord says:

      Which leads me to wonder just why Kirby is the absolute worst character in 4 out of 5 smash games.

  5. DiscoZombie 2268 says:

    All I’m saying is Kartana can cut through time and space and make his own ultra wormholes. Combine that with being able to cut through anything, I think it should win 90% of the time

  6. King_Alloy says:

    Fun fact, in the early days of Ultra Sun and Moon, of course with the new mons still being tested, they were all of course put into OU. Bad idea, as Naganadel’s only counter in that tier and format was Heatran, who resisted both STABs and also trapped it. However if you didn’t know, Naganadel has Nasty Plot, meaning it can even brute force a win against it by just setting up enough. I love this guy, not to mention its shiny is awesome. It even has one of my favorite moves, Fell Stinger, though of course not something it would ever use seriously as it’s a special attacker.

    • Eruk Pockles says:

      Actually there was another counter – people used an Assault Vest Tyranitar set that, with the Sp. Def boost from sandstorm, was able to tank anything Naganadel could throw at it and KO it with Earthquake/chip it with Pursuit. But Naganadel was deemed too restrictive all the same

    • Sriv Gamez says:


  7. I’m In SPACE! says:

    Wouldn’t Kartana’s steel typing prevent any of said glue-shots from being effective?

    • Kirbs Void says:

      And lets not forget there is a certain pokemon without arms or fist, being able to learn Punch Moves, pokemon logic is that inconsistent and weird sometimes

    • Kirbs Void says:

      Yeah, its pretty weird, also in a scene from the anime Naganadel uses Dragon Pulse from its orifice sting thingy and not from its mouth, in the Naganadel vs Lucario fight, asumming it can do that too, i mean its basically a Dragonic Pulse , so maybe Naganadel can manifest that attack from its sting too and any other moves

    • bluemobster 002 says:

      It’s jsit jb weld lol

    • Kirbs Void says:

      @I’m In SPACE! I mean, Naganadel Anatomy is kind of weird, but the description of dragon pulse says the same thing you pointed out: It comes from the mouth
      Even tho pokemon logic can be kind of weird and i’m pretty sure a lot of pokemon we’re able to shoot dragon pulse from any other part of their bodies
      And even if its doesn’t state any other projectile, that doesn’t mean naganadel has a pretty good accuracy and aim, because the one doing the shooting is Naganadel
      And that last attack didn’t really requires aim, because kartana put itself on the area of damage when it attacked Naganadel
      You have a really good point still

    • I’m In SPACE! says:

      @Kirbs Void
      This animation is supposed to be an open field-like scenario. In Naganadel’s Pokédex, it says it can hit its poisonous goo from 6 miles away, right? Well it never specifies that it can hit a Dragon Pulse from 6 miles away, not to mention that Dragon Pulse usually comes out of the mouth, not other orifices.

  8. Boomya says:

    I sure do like how the last video wasn’t foreshadowing

  9. Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition says:

    I love that Poipole’s adhesiveness and Nihilego’s glassy composition were given focus, they’re such cool little details!
    Gotta give props to Pheromosa spamming the pheromones to cheese the competition, even when it cost them a few limbs for it eventually.

  10. Antonino Cuffaro says:

    If naganadels brain is on in its lower abdomen, shouldn’t it be at least a tie at the end considering it’s stinger tail was cut up? I’m not gonna lie I’m a little upset that paper boy didn’t win here

    • Frescopino says:

      @Massgunner Think of it like Bugs Bunny putting his finger in Elmer’s gun, except Bugs isn’t immune to the explosion afterwards. Naganadel was already charging an attack, Kartana just rushed towards and inside that attack as it was released, eating it point blank.

    • Kyumi2580fun says:

      I feel like Naganadel won because Kartana was damaged more. Sure they both died in the end but Kartana got anihilated by the explosion

    • Turbo Tastic says:

      Yeah Kartana definitely reached Naganadel’s abdomen before the explosion hit, that thing’s brain got at least a little sliced. Naganadel definitely shouldn’t have survived the abdomen cut AND its own random explosion.

    • Massgunner says:

      I’m more upset that he never explained why naganadel exploded when hit by kartana, that’s like the sole reason it won.

    • WhiteEyebrowMan says:

      It’s stinger was cut, but the brain is in the abdomen

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