Portugal vs. Uruguay Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Portugal vs. Uruguay Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Portugal and Uruguay faced off in their second matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In the first half both teams struggled to score. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo was itching to get the ball in the net. In the 54th minute in the second half, a goal was credited to him at first. Later in the match, the credit was given to Bruno Fernandes. Uruguay tried relentlessly to equalize the score but failed. Bruno Fernandes would add another goal, via penalty kick, in stoppage time. Portugal won 2-0, marking the first time since 2006 that they have won consecutive matches in the World Cup.

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Portugal vs. Uruguay Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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48 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Did Ronaldo deserve credit on Portugal’s first goal?!

    • Cristina marie Rosado says:

      Nooo ! That was all BRUNO 💯

    • NightArcher55 says:

      @Alfredo ReyesI don’t think he thought he scored it single-handedly, he ran straight to Bruno and hugged him 😂

    • diego herrera says:

      Yeah it was sick hair spray

    • Lucky B says:

      CR7 likes taking credit for goals he doesn’t actually score! He did help by slowing the keepers reaction in this one though! The same goal was scored by Ghana against South Korea by the way! The keeper would always anticipate a touch from the attacker and sometimes they miss or ball is too high and by that time, it’s too late for the keeper to react and ball ends up in the back of the net! And unless, the attacker made an actuall touch, then the goal belongs to the initial kicker!

    • Dane Campbell says:

      This is magical look what happens when the ball touch the ground I think 🤔 he touch it

  2. Jeff says:

    Love how Portugal isn’t over relying on Ronaldo with Bruno stepping up

  3. Ibrahim says:

    Ronaldo didn’t score, but the goalie was more focused on Ronaldo than the ball itself, it was an assist to Bruno 🎉

    • WeLoveAquariums says:

      Bruno got it

    • no further west says:

      @Josue Ochoa correct.
      if Ronaldo had not been there the goalie would have got the ball.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6‬:‭3‬ ‭NIV

    • megustalamota420 says:

      Looked like it akinned him imo.. At least he was creating tho

    • Dub4Lif3 says:

      LOL Ronoldo didnt even touch the ball. It was one of those mistakes that turned to magic. He sent it in for a header, but was right on goal, so when Ronaldo completely missed it, it just flew straight into the goal. Everyone though Ronaldo was going to head it in.
      That might be the slowest, and lightest shot goal ever. He literally lightly hit it over to Ronalda, and the way it played out, it just gently flew into the goal hahaha

  4. JayCFC says:

    Well done to Bruno on bagging a brace. Portugal performed really well. Congrats to them for advancing to the next round.

  5. Ryan Kanungo says:

    Bruno Fernandes could’ve had a hat-trick. What a player he is!

  6. Christopher Nava says:

    Great game for Portugal 🇵🇹
    Job well done Bruno Fernandes 👏

    • Mike Lord says:

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Point well taken, brother – but since this IS the World Cup, Do not let your left foot know that your right foot is doing…!

    • Relaxing Vibez says:

      AYYYYYEEEEEE!! definitely a good song🔥🔥🔥I’m trying to get my subscribers up to 1k💯keep it up❤

  7. weston macks says:

    Ronaldo still has it.. that shoulder play was crazy..

  8. Marco I says:

    This video didn’t show Bruno’s rocket that hit the post at the end of the game. What a player and what a hat-trick it could’ve been. Bravo Portugal.

  9. Hybrid Musicians says:

    Uruguay had some great moments but could not finish.. Portugal did well!

  10. Roger Weiner says:

    This is the year for Portugal and Ronaldo’s last chance. This is their best team that I can remember, I mean they’re absolutely loaded offensively and in the full back position.

    • UndyingKnowledge says:

      @Anthony Rios exactly, people need to stop doing that, one of the worse things you could possibly do is underestimate an opponent/team. Stop thinking that due to a nation’s history in the sport that they cant change for better or worse. No one thought Argentina would lose to Saudi Arabia but they did, many didnt think Portugal would win the Euros but they did, many people didn’t expect Germany to not make it out of the group and finish last in the 2018 WC but they did, many probably didn’t expect Croatia to make it to the finals in the 2018 WC but they did. This stuff happens, the sport is unpredictable.

    • Dezsi says:

      @MilitoR_207 Uruguay is weak

    • CARLOS LOPEZ says:

      @Samson G and SpaIn too. Spain is a candidate as long it doesn’t sabotage itself like constantly has done in most of the world cups . At least it didn’t fired its coach the day after the arrival to the world cup like in Russia 2018.

    • MilitoR_207 says:

      @Dezsi I wouldn’t call Uruguay a weak team

    • Spooky Grim says:

      They have A great CB in Ruben AND They’re loaded in midfield too. Núñes, Bernardo, Neves Félix and Bruno.

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