POST-FIGHT! Oleksandr Usyk reacts after beating Anthony Joshua to become world heavyweight champion

POST-FIGHT! Oleksandr Usyk reacts after beating Anthony Joshua to become world heavyweight champion

Oleksandr Usyk speaks after outpointing Anthony Joshua over 12 rounds to win the world heavyweight title.


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51 Responses

  1. Scenic Fights says:

    Oleksandr Usyk put an amazing fight. He deserved that win.

  2. Star Vigil says:

    Damn, became heavyweight champion on his wedding anniversary. Badass!

  3. Geordie Globetrotter says:

    I spent some time living in Ukraine as a Brit. They are an incredibly tough people. But also they are very classy and pleasant and very smart. I am happy they have a champion, it will be a big deal for them and make them proud. Great job Usyk!

  4. Charlie Harrington says:

    The size difference just isn’t enough to balance out the HUGE difference in SKILL. Usyk by stoppage in the rematch.

  5. Zamin Maqbool says:

    He completely outclassed Aj. What a win and what a great and humble person. Beautiful gift for his wedding anniversary.

  6. Nigel Benn says:

    Third fight at Heavyweight and gets 4 belts. What a talent. True talent.

    • Planet Terror says:

      @Wung Yao exposed for what fighting to be world champion what are you actually talking about if anyone was a fraud its eddie hearn for not letting fury fight joshua

    • Planet Terror says:

      I can’t wait to see that fight and you will find out how wrong you are

    • J P says:

      @Ricky2901 Fury is a big man. If Usyk would be as big, he would be a bit slower too. He can´t gain size too much without losing certain abilities which he has as smaller guy. AJ couldn´t handle his challenge, but Fury is one step higher as top class boxer. And if Usyk had some surprise element against AJ, now it´s lost. Fury can brag time to time, but he is smart boxer too. And when boxer is big, smart and tough, it´s pretty solid combination, especially when skills are there too at that level what Fury posses. He is one very hard guy to beat when he is focused as Wilder has experienced lately. Fury has got some hard hits, but he took his lesson and no fear. AJ has got some hard hits and I think, that he has some fear nowadays that he might be knocked out. I mean more than confident boxers have normally.

    • Y M says:

      @J P Fury hasn’t even made a single title defence in his life, has only fought 2 top 10 fighters and is very suspicious with all the PED allegations, being banned from UK permanently, glove gate etc. And suddenly he is the true champion? Once he beats everyone in the division, then he is the true champion

    • Crimson says:

      3 belts

  7. chistitan says:

    Usyk was incredible throughout the whole fight he looked like he would be ready to start another round of boxing after 12th round

  8. john buckley says:

    Usyk didn’t stop moving, his footwork and speed was sublime, Joshua was stiff and static. Congratulations usyk

    • MrBogart says:

      His head movement was akin to a prime Mike Tyson as well as his head movement and his chin was constantly tucked in. His upper body movement , how it coincided with his hip movement and his foootwork was nothing but sublime. Usyk snatched Joshuas soul right out of his body by the 8 round. That performance of Usyks is everything that Boxing is about and I consider it the greatest performance of a naturally smaller man beating a true heavyweight since Ezzard Charles took Walcotts title from at Cominsky Park in 1949. We saw something truly maganificent last night.

  9. David Geliani says:

    I love when a personable and down-to-earth dude becomes a champion again.

  10. Risky says:

    AJ couldn’t even beat Byson Tury let alone Tyson Fury 🤦‍♂️

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