President Biden to address Russia attacks Ukraine

President Biden to address Russia attacks Ukraine

President Joe Biden will address the nation Thursday after pledging new sanctions to punish Russia for the “unprovoked and unjustified attack” on Ukraine.

Biden’s remarks are now scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Eastern.

A senior U.S. defense official said Thursday’s attack by Russia appears to be the first phase in what will likely be a multiple phased, large-scale invasion.

The attack began before dawn and brought explosions to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and other cities. Ukraine’s leadership said Thursday at least 40 people have been killed so far in what it called a “full-scale war” targeting the country from the east, north and south.

Biden said he planned to speak to Americans after a meeting of the Group of Seven leaders. While specific details of the speech have not been released, more sanctions against Russia were expected to be announced.

In a previous statement, Biden said Putin “has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering.”


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36 Responses

  1. Boss Sauce says:

    Biden- Now, the press let me get my note cards with the questions and answers

  2. Too Stupid To Fail says:

    Biden: “The notion that this is going to last a long time is highly unlikely.” Translation: “This is going to last longer than anyone could have imagined!!”

  3. George Gibbs says:

    In other words, we aren’t going to do much in the way of helping them, but we will wish them luck and hopefully they will transition into the Russian community peacefully.

    • Melo_myteam says:

      @Alone In The Park If Korea gets involved we are more fucked

    • Ray Zhang says:

      @Alone In The Park thank god both wont probably.. USA can’t risk that and China is not stupid enough and plus they dont want to get sanctioned

    • Alone In The Park says:

      That’s the bad part. If another superpower like China or USA gets involved, we’re fucked.

    • Baron Von Jo says:

      Basically everyone in the entire world it seems. I doubt most nations will do anything.

    • Jose Cabrera says:

      I don’t think he said that, anyway if you want this to be escalated, please do it un your OWN TERRITORY. I’m sick of the US doing wars in foreign countries farther away. If US gets directly involved, then US citizens must face the consequences, not random inocent people.

  4. KFLY67 says:

    More wars. More human suffering will
    See what happens.

    • Hybrid says:

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      ❤️✅🌍👀considering that this type of humans use words codes (scriptable) against humanity ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️🙏this show or brand ⚠️⚠️is showing ⚠️Series of ⚠️potential ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️future ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️terrorists ⚠️⚠️actions ⚠️⚠️⚠️for our 🌎🌍👀⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️……….

    • nick says:

      Its good for business

  5. Out Fished Angling says:

    The lady doing sign language is tougher on Russia with her body language then Joe Biden is. 😀

  6. ItalianoD'Blaugrana says:

    “Why not sanction putin today” this question was asked several times and he had nothing to say.

    • Pelham Torbert says:

      All these people implying we should go to war to protect ukraine , yet you forget that Putin threatened the west and said there will be consequences we have never seen before… and we nuked Japan, do you guys want us to jump in a war just for Fallout the game to be our world ? Chill, this isn’t our fight, not unless they attack a NATO country , I realize he’s doing horrible things but our gov doesn’t wanna risk a full scale nuclear war .

    • MoonlessNight says:

      @2nd Life Seekers you do know that would drag multiple nations into war right? That’s what they’re trying to avoid. They’re trying not to make this anymore serious than it already is. This isn’t a light war where we can just go in guns blazing to try and stop them. There is a lot of risk in that. More countries=more people=more possible casualties. Yes i get that people are upset but no one says US has to defend them from Russia. They’re not in NATO. Declaring war would just make this whole this so so so much worse than you could possibly imagine

    • opal skies says:

      @Hybrid putin is making a bad name in history for himself by doing this i can’t stress it enough. bullying ukraine out of their land in 2022? wtf is wrong with politics. your campaign is going to make you look like a loser to the future generations. regardless if you win.

    • opal skies says:

      @James Vw Canada ain’t gonna fuckin let Russia destroy America are you high?! Ukraine doesn’t deserve to be bullied by Russia this is wrong.

    • opal skies says:

      @Shinga2000 they are already at war with Ukraine killing innocent people wtf are you high?

  7. Adam S says:

    “Why not sanction Putin directly?” Asked 5 times. That question must be very hard for Biden to hear.

    • Frozen Lettuce says:

      @Sophie Baujard you don’t seem to understand that it’s a bluff, mutually assured destruction is something no one wants, sanctions do nothing, need a reminder that this is a reenactment of WW2? When America let Austria get taken over by Germany? Appeasement never works

    • 百般皆是命?? says:

      @Sophie Baujard seriously ❓❓❓
      now that one of the countries is being invaded,
      but no one is helping concretly, even direct sanction on the opponent leader.
      that’s why injustice will keep happening .

    • Iaros B. says:

      @Sophie Baujard stop pretending like u now anything about russia and it’s weak a$$ army there in the EU 🤣🤣 We (ukrainians) have to fight against them RIGHT NOW using american/british/turkish weapons(kuddos to our allies) and you’re the one being chicken out here… ridiculous

    • Rae Marlow says:

      @Sophie Baujard that’s good to hear u say I think

    • W S says:

      Seriously, not great

  8. Jehu Living says:

    “”We are sending our very own “Geremy Dewitte” into Ukraine.Let Putin deal with that for a bit.Thank you,Goodnight””

  9. G.P Videos says:

    അമേരിക്കയും റഷ്യയും യുദ്ധം ഉണ്ടായാൽ ലോകമഹായുദ്ധം ഉണ്ടാവാൻ വലിയ താമസം ഉണ്ടാകില്ല. അമേരിക്കയുടെ ഇപ്പോഴത്തെ നിലപാട് ആണ് ഉചിതം… നമുക്കും, ലോകത്തിനും.

  10. Mr Deplorable2020 says:

    We knew sanctions wouldn’t work, so we’re going to impose more sanctions.

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