President Joe Biden: The 2023 60 Minutes Interview

President Joe Biden: The 2023 60 Minutes Interview

President Biden answers questions on Israel, efforts to locate American hostages in Gaza, the state of the war in Ukraine and more during a wide-ranging conversation with Scott Pelley.

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36 Responses

  1. mohamed ahmed says:

    I am from Egypt. We have been in peace with Israel for the last 50 years. Peace is the only way , do not let evil win 🕊

  2. Ronald Kim says:

    Remembering the hostages. May they be safely repatriated. Love and prayers for them and their families.❤🕊

  3. Mitch Weber says:

    For the love of god…. can both parties finally push legit candidates who are not on the verge of dying or trying to benefit themselves financially?

  4. An Acc says:

    “Israel has one of the finest fighting forces in the country”😂

  5. Beachy Broad says:

    “They don’t look at democracy the way we do”
    This is the FIRST time I’ve heard him say something that’s correct

  6. S G says:

    Might just be me but it seems the world has fallen apart since he took office.

  7. Jalapeno says:

    “No help from this paralyzed Congress.” Half of our Government is worthless, I hope their own constituents realize this and vote them out for mature level headed representatives.

    • finchb says:

      I agree. I hope Republican voters show up next year and keep the party of ignorance and hate from retaking the House and keeping the Senate.

    • Pedro Nunez says:

      ​@finchbI doubt republican voters will ever learn

    • RobWahl says:

      I hope but I am very appreheNsive. I do believe the vast majority of young people will see the crap show of the GOP and turn out and vote against them.

  8. Boom Bam says:

    I’d love to see the raw, unedited version of this interview.

  9. Thor says:

    Russia’s “unprovoked invasion of Ukraine?” Great unbiased journalism, guys.

  10. Todd Merrell says:

    My understanding is that only about 40% of Palestinians support Hamas, so it’s not just that “not every Palestinian supports Hamas”, but rather “most Palestinians don’t support Hamas”.

    • OG KushBreath says:

      But yet they are fine with living and working around Hamas. If you live near monsters, you’ll get bit, or hunted by those the monsters have injured. If Palestinians are so against Hamas, why do they live intimately with them? And don’t say they cannot leave..

    • S L says:

      40% is quite alot, though.

    • aarqa says:

      @OG KushBreath One could say the same of south central Los Angeles. We generally think of them as innocent bystanders, even victims of circumstance. But you? Ohhhhh no, they MUST be involved with the criminals.

    • OG KushBreath says:

      @aarqa I didnt say jack about being complicit because of vicinity. Reading comprehension is a thing

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