Race Highlights | 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

It’s lights out for our new era of Formula 1! And the race went right down to the wire…

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49 Responses

  1. Better Chapter says:

    Happy for KMag. More points for Haas than the last two seasons combined!

  2. The7WorldsGaming says:

    I’ve missed Ferrari at the top of F1!
    What a first race of the new season, the rest of the season is about to be pure madness!

    • Devandra Simanjuntak says:

      @Do’s Don’t what sealed the deal for me is the fact that all teams powered by Ferrari have gone up. I mean…. a HAAS on the points? Yeah, they’re doing something right with that engine.

    • Do's Don't says:

      Still early to know if Ferrari are the fastest but at least they look like they’re definitely going to be consistently competitive this year if not the fastest.

    • Rubi Yanti says:

      Yeahh 😎

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      WHAT A RACE 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Nibin Mathew says:

    Biggest disappointment has to be Mclaren! Had big expectations after the first testing. However, a fantastic start to the season in general and cannot wait for the next race.

  4. JP says:

    These new cars are definitely doing their job, Verstappen shadowing Charles beautifully. Hats off to Haas and Ferrari, this is going to be an interesting season.

    • Arturo Mesirca says:

      @Apophis The duels in the backfield were continuing during multiple laps. Last year you would have one attempt then they would back off if they failed and try again a couple of laps later. This race drivers were engaged for multiple turns and multiple laps in a row

    • Don Gambino says:

      @Chief Denis cars are very equal in a technical sense, but today the red bull was not running 100 percent. overheating brakes, steering issue, and fuel issue to end it off

    • Don Gambino says:

      @Bob Stirling you do realize his suspension had bent causing him to have bad steering, his brakes had been overheating and he started to lose power

    • Chief Denis says:

      @heligian just look at the gap all through the race, it was never more than 5 seconds amd was almost always 3 secs, the cars are very equal, max just got out driven at every point

    • A L says:

      @Bob Stirling So you’re saying the Ferrari is a tad quicker?

  5. Anshuman Sinha says:

    What an intense season opener. Although I’m heartbroken for the three Red Bull retirements and Mclaren struggling. Like …ugh. But super happy to see KMag and Haas so well, Tsunoda, Bottas, and Zhou get points and Ocon have an excellent race.

  6. Cars with Ivan says:

    Well, it was a interesting first race and mostly a crazy finish. Edge of my chair. Great to see Ferrari at the top again <3

  7. Anton Dmitrik says:

    I was too young to have seen the “Golden age” of Ferrari, but now it seems they could be setting themselves up for another streak of greatness, this time in my generation.

    • GoT wooDx says:

      @Mat the only fan with a brain

    • Moribax says:

      @Katheryn ah, blessed ignorance. Ferrari stopped winning for exactly 2 reasons: 1) Fernando Alonso at Renault; 2) Changes in the rules made specially to hinder Ferrari. Do I need to remind you the travesty that was the “no tyre change” rules of 2005, when Ferrari was famous for having qualifying pace all the race and making 3-4 even 5 tyre changes?
      Seriously, you should avoid speaking of things you know nothing about.
      And talking about cheating, what about McLaren and Spygate in 2007 (when they basically stole the blueprints out of Ferrari), or Renault and Crashgate in 2008, or BAR with a secret fuel tank in 2005?

    • Redi Pustaka says:

      @Katheryn you are just jealous XD , even Fia try to stop Ferari dominance at that time.

    • RodriguezRacer 456 says:

      @Katheryn We’re talking about the 2000s, not 2019

    • Diego Calabretta says:

      @Katheryn yeah cry more, ferrari is f1

  8. Singaporean Aviator says:

    No one talking about Schumacher’s 360 spin when Ocon hit him!?! That was clean asf

    • LethalWalou says:

      @kinggold chains Even the rookie on his debut put Schumacher in his place, in a slower car.

    • LethalWalou says:

      @Maltoak None of that is valid though, and you’re confirming that it was nothing to do with their racing, it was personal. Now we have again people defending based on who they like, and not actually looking at Schumacher objectively. He was garbage today, that’s a fact. Only saved by SC, the team’s strategy and the DNFs from 3 cars. Otherwise he would’ve been well over a minute behind his teammate.

    • kinggold chains says:

      Schumacher‘s car was totally fine after the spin, it was wheel to wheel so no hardware damage. Easy excuse to say something felt wrong after that. Further I bet no one was overtaken more than Schuhmacher this race. He just didnt got it, simple as that. The guy to soft. Earns respect not for his skills but for his last name

    • Aim says:

      @Maltoak Stroll is talented, he’s literally proved himself already I’m not sure why we keep bringing him up. He’s not a Leclerc, but he’s capable, far more than Mazepin.

    • Aim says:

      @LethalWalou It’s not excuses if it literally happened? Plus Magnussen has a lot of experience, he’s going to be better right now.

  9. Samuel Barnes says:

    This race was like a dream. Ferrari 1 and 2, and Kmag gets Haas 5th Place! Amazing!!

  10. Akula 966 says:

    That was an opening! That is what any F1 fan wants to see when they watch a race! Absolutely fantastic work my Charles, Sainz and the rest of the Scuderia. What a race that was.

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