Barca thrash Real Madrid in 4-0 El Clasico win | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Barca thrash Real Madrid in 4-0 El Clasico win | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scores twice and notches an assist in a comprehensive El Clasico win for Barcelona against Real Madrid.

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  1. LakeShow Highlights says:

    thank you Arsenal for sending Barca the free gift of Aubameyang 🙏

    • Sol Sol says:

      @Dee Emm have you checked the opponents scored against? La Liga lacks strong, gritty teams

    • nyquilnu says:

      @vincent e Not sure what type of mental gymnastics you’re performing to try and place that as my argument my man. Never once did I say his wage dictated how he performed. Could it have affected him, surely but you can never be sure. He was also dealing with a lot of problems with his mom at the time. It becomes a problem when you aren’t doing the same things the lowest paid man are asked to do, ie: show up on time.

    • vincent e says:

      @nyquilnu so now player shouldn’t be paid what they worth?

    • vincent e says:

      @Ismael Rivera lets see how many years it takes arsenal to get another F.A cup after he left.

    • DAT GUY XZILO says:

      You’re welcome

  2. Wayward Winchester says:

    What a time to be a Barca fan! Xavi brought the beautiful classic Barca football back with him along with happiness for the fans and players. They have actually been enjoying themselves playing out on the field as well as being tactically disciplined and motivated. This is just the beginning but it is safe to say for now, thanks to Xaxi, Barca is back!

  3. HyabusaXZX says:

    I don’t think anyone expected this game to go the way it did, I thought it was going to be a closer game

    • Bob Phillip says:

      @mustafa ahmed It might have been a closer game, but benzema being in the team would not change the fact the Madrid’s defense was in shambles

    • TEEim Saza says:

      @R madrid NYC lmaooooo new york got you a little too woke huh haha. got fcking owned and wanna talk about refs

    • Luck Jan says:

      @R madrid NYC that Madrid was atrocious last night. I’m so disappointed because I thought they’d do way better

    • mustafa ahmed says:

      Real Madrid probably would have won if they had benzema

    • Gaming Shorts says:

      Nah we Barcelona fans expected it, look at our last matches, we destroyed Atleti, Napoli, Sevilla, and Athletic Bilbao, how can we not expect to do the same to Madrid?, we knew it had to be 4 plus since 4 is our magic number

  4. blank white profile picture says:

    That Dembele to Aubameyang connection is lethal

  5. Real Nimrod says:

    Honestly with everything we’ve been going through, the humiliation, the financial crisis, and not to mention Messi leaving, I think us culers really deserved to win this game

  6. MDtheLegend 98 says:

    I never thought that Aubameyang would be our best signings this season.

  7. Sazid Choudhury says:

    When Xavi took over we were in 9th and could barely score 1 goal a game. Now we are in touching distance of 2nd with a game in hand and consistently scoring 4 goals a game, despite missing chances. This is a completely different team! Visca Barca!

    • SilentAvenger says:

      @R madrid NYC you a clown

    • Shadow-Man says:

      @R madrid NYC just take the loss like a man

    • TM says:

      @Hood Rich Fr that dolphin dive he went for was embarrassing wasn’t even no contact to hide behind just a straight up Olympic diver

    • ezpz noob says:

      @R madrid NYC you’re so overrated lmfaooo sheriff owns vardrid

    • RS Familia says:

      Yeah. If you are not a barca fan and only look at scores, you wouldn’t realize that since 2016 we’ve been training without intensity, disrespecting coaches and coaches who were lenient giving extra days off (valverde). With setien we were getting back but players didn’t respect him. With koeman, we kept going away from the philosophy and he destroyed players confidence by blaming them every game. Xavi has returned training norms and is a believer of the philosophy cruyff gave us therefore the ideas of how we play are clear.

  8. Richy sky says:

    This is one of the most satisfying victory for me as Barca fan, based on the difficulty we’ve encountered from past season

  9. ALL DAY says:

    Would’ve been 8-9 goals from Barca, both Auba and Torres could’ve got a hat trick and Dembele could have score a goal.

  10. Gavi best youth midfielder in the world says:

    Xavi has turned Barcelona around is very little time. At the beginning of the season when Messi left we couldn’t even imagine winning 4-0 away to Madrid. Wonderful work so far ❤️💙

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