Randy Orton Returns To WWE – IMPAULSIVE EP. 401

Randy Orton Returns To WWE – IMPAULSIVE EP. 401

14x WWE Champion Randy Orton joins the boys to discuss how he created the RKO, rivalry vs John Cena, getting blackballed from WWE by Vince McMahon, if he’s the GOAT, hilarious Brock Lesnar & Triple H stories, being an a**hole, hatred for Dominik Mysterio, RKO’ing fans in public & more…

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0:00 Welcome Randy Orton! 💥
6:08 Logan Paul vs Rey Mysterio (Viral Fail)‼️
7:58 Randy gives Logan WWE Flowers! 💐
9:27 John Cena Rivalry & Viral DDT! 🤬
17:02 WWE GOAT? 🐐
19:30 Blackballed from WWE?! 🎱
23:09 Young Brock Lesnar Fail! 🤣
25:40 Trash-Talking Dominik Mysterio! 😡
30:39 How RKO was Created **exclusive** 😨
36:59 Favorite RKO Ever & RKO’ing Fans! 🤯
40:40 Addicted to Video Games?! 🎮
48:24 “I was an As*hole!” 😱
52:14 Respecting the Troops & Make A Wish 🫡
54:47 Logan Rubs his Belt in Randy’s Face! 😳

Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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40 Responses

  1. @OmarFromJerz says:

    I truly think Randy deserves to break Cena’s & Flair’s 16th records. Future Hall of Famer for sure.

  2. @nickwatson1716 says:

    Randy orton might be one of the best guests you’ve had yet.

  3. @arghpee says:

    Being complimented by a legend like Orton is an honor.

  4. @bosstourtv8232 says:

    Randy has really evolved as a man, a colleague, a father, a locker room leader, and he’s one of the absolute best to ever lace em’ up. Everything he does in ring is silky smooth and he just gets the business like not many do. So glad he got another chance to do what he was born to do, heres to many more years of The Viper on our screens.

    • @MarcusMedinaXel says:

      As a Marine who served honorably, I know that his discharge will be considered one of the greatest life failures, but I know we’re not in charge of anyone’s personal decisions. I’m happy that Randy used his second chance in life to do positive things. I had a co-worker who met him normally at backstage events and he’s known to be a very kind person to fans. We can see that he’s in the business to give back and he is deserving of respect and/or understanding.

  5. @sillybandluv says:

    I would love an interview with Dominik in character 😂

  6. @husnainraza2334 says:

    Not felt bored for a single second and seeing Randy Orton there makes my heart so happy, what a gentleman he’s ❤.

  7. @milijappert1320 says:

    Logan is eventually gonna springboard into a RKO before his WWE run is over 🔥

  8. @ChristopherTubbs-bf3jz says:

    I’ve never watched a whole episode of this podcast til now and I love it Logan Paul keep up the phenomenal work!!

  9. @hafizalfarzan says:

    Randy orton is truly one of the greatest of all time. A master of his craft. The small nuances Orton does is what makes him so great. As an aspiring WWE Superstar, Randy inspires me a lot

  10. @77joeyjames says:

    Randy’s my greatest of all time. So glad to see him here. Best episode yet

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