Rating Tik Tokers Music (the unfortunate sequel)

Rating Tik Tokers Music (the unfortunate sequel)

Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az4gy5YIEGc

0:00 – part 1 went crazy
2:05 – the official tiers
3:00 – Charlie D’amelio
6:30 – Dixie D’amelio
10:02 – Jxdn
12:50 – Little Honey
17:29 – Bella Poarch
19:04 – Dixie (one last try)

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54 Responses

  1. Shay says:

    I love that Dylan refuses to say he likes something and instead says he ‘doesnt’ dislike it 😂

  2. xokayox says:

    I can’t wait to see Dylan fall in love with a TikToker’s song unironically like he did with Taylor Holder’s lmao

  3. Alizah says:

    Can we just appreciate the comment that Dylan read that forced him to give us a part 2 😂

  4. Dylan Is In Trouble Compilations says:

    It’s so funny to me that Addison thought her music was good enough to copyright claim Dylan’s last video

  5. HTHAZE says:

    dying at the fact that charlie’s song is literally just drivers license

  6. Zahrah Ahmed says:

    Charli really tried to give us Olivia Rodrigo but make it a TikTok-er

    • Dream. says:

      Exactly lmao

    • boutglo says:

      it wasn’t terrible for being her first song

    • Melissa Apoka says:

      It’s so obvious especially at 4:31 it reminds me of “I know we weren’t perfect but I’ve never felt this way for no one” just a bit more upbeat. I also have to add that I’ve never heard Charli’s song before

    • Renee says:

      I feel like Olivia is also Tiktok music 😭Just because I don’t think she would’ve been popular if it weren’t for tiktok/quarantine

    • sienna 🎧💌 says:

      ⁠​⁠@Reneeyou’re right 😭 but at least her music is decent enough that i wouldn’t really qualify her as “tiktok music”.

  7. CaspianDrakon says:

    …. you’re telling me oogabooga has existed for 2 years…??? I’m…. time doesn’t exist

  8. maria💋 says:

    nessa is honestly the only tik toker that makes good music

  9. socialghost says:

    As a fan of emo/pop punk, the Jxdn guy seemed like he took all the common tropes of emo lyrics and tried to shove them into a single song.

    • peymcc says:

      Sounds like his idea of pop punk is machine gun kelly, which is just really watered down blink 182, which is already watered down pop

    • Hen Lo says:

      @peymcc It was weirdly less embarrassing than MGK, because MGK is 33 years old and doing the exact same shit which adds a level of cringe to an already cringy formula. Like it was bad but at least he’s a tiktoker so it’s not incongruous for it to be bad

    • Erin Baldwin says:

      he actually toured with MGK

    • Court says:

      As a millennial in her late 20’s his video and voice sucked… He’s was nothing like the 2000-2010’s emo music

  10. atiana ☆ says:

    Never thought Dylan would be a Melanie Martinez fan but it just makes sense

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