In this clip, JJ Redick talks about Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and The Golden State Warriors beating De’Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis and The Sacramento Kings in Game 7. JJ also marvels at Steph’s incredible Game 7 performance.

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46 Responses

  1. L4-295 says:

    Down 2-0, no draymond for game 3, and the team has been terrible on the road all year but wins on the road in game 7 and he finished with 50 pts, the most ever. He drove the bus. Legend

    • kadeem harvey says:

      @Evan Device been think that sincekd went to the nets and Kylie was calling the shots while he sat in the back and now he’s in Phoenix

    • William Jones says:

      ​@Flac Tha Doc
      Agreed. For No. Cali, so far, we got two “Gold” teams in the fight now. NBA style!

    • William Jones says:

      ​@The very first time Not in gm 7. Kerr started Green in that gm. But either way, they found their groove back to a winning finished formula. And another tool in their weaponry. Now on to the 2nd round.

    • Evan Device says:

      Who’s driving the bus N phoenix 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      This sht is crazy yall ever questioned who was the man on the warriors w/ or w/o kd

      Like the mafia, Steph doesn’t have 2 stand out front

      But n the words of the great Scarface…

      “I’m the 1 they call When it’s time 4 the meeting of bosses”

    • MGV ENT says:

      Top 5 player of all time

  2. Sam says:

    You can sometimes see it in steph’s eyes and his demeanor. He’s smiling and shaking his head and that calmness in his eyes, that no matter what, he is not going to let his team lose.

  3. Ken123168 says:

    I always believed in Stephs ability to step up and carry his team

    • DemeTav says:

      ​@nessa nuggets dogging out suns because KD does not have it so easy without to the spacing of Steph. He thought he could win a chip without Curry

    • nessa says:

      yet they continue to claim he couldn’t have won sh*t without KD, like foh he’s a LEADER, a GOAT in his own lane, period. All without that convenient height and width span.

    • Super Wow says:

      “ability to steph up and curry his team” 😆

    • Zeth Jugos says:

      Yup, he been doing it since Davidson

  4. Rakib Hassan says:

    JJ said it perfectly. Curry is one of the GOATs without a doubt, but god damn is he an amazing entertainer. His villain energy, chatter and celebrations are unmatched. And no one ever gets mad cause they all know he’s that DUDE

  5. JTTJ93 says:

    Kevon Looney, undoubtedly saved the season for the Warriors, the offensive rebounds that allowed them to get multiple shots. Scary that the Warriors are still not fully playing up to their potential yet with Poole and Klay missing everything. Excited to see what happens between LBJ and Steph, hopefully we get a series with no injuries!

    • William Jones says:

      You may have something there. 💯

    • William Jones says:

      Wiggs & Klay may not have played up to their potential but 1) they really haven’t hurt the team with their play. 2) They both came thru with cluth plays that, at the time, were very timely plays continuing the momentum to win the gms they did win in this series. That’s a plus and
      not a minus.

    • William Jones says:

      ​@Jeff Vanderwerf
      That’s the problem. Poole is “trying” to be too much like Steph. He’s lost the art of being himself in games. Over dribbling. Forcing himself between 2-3 defenders and losing the dribble. Going too fast he loses the ball and/or loses control of his own body. Or simply overplaying his movements he simply misses layups EASILY. Shots he used to make EASILY are no hairballs or way off the mark. Poole has turned his own self into a disaster simply trying to “be like Steph”. And for the money he earned from past yrs efforts…it’s sad.😢

    • nessa says:

      It’s making me want them to drop 2 or so players after this season bc im sick of curry not getting backup frfr. All are healthy and they’re playing like this all year? Him and Looney carried all playoff series against the Kings. He can’t do it all on his own, meanwhile Bron’s teams are always either massive dudes just blocking everything/assisting with ease due to their build (All we got for that is Dray and Looney) or a backup clutch. What’s GP2 been doing on D? Idk.

      Gotta recruit another center and another person with looney dray and curry’s drive to win. klay been too chill and needs to show up in LA. I can appreciate Wiggins but the rest….

      Sorry y’all I just had to get that off

    • Money Lane Sneaky Gang says:

      @Weixiao Zhang agreed. I trust the warriors front office but I can’t imagine Poole would have got that on the open market. Paid him like a perennial mvp candidate

  6. Victor Yongchu says:

    The Kings and the Grizzlies both woke up 2 absolute monsters who are going to clash in this next series. As long as everyone stays healthy, it’s gonna be another hardwood classic.

  7. Ayush Gupta says:

    You could see for the whole of the 4th, the Kings just looked gassed. If you play a whole quarter with 3 defensive possessions for each offensive one, it’s going to take a toll, especially against a team that moves as much as the Warriors. It’s an underrated part of the Dubs game, how easily they can tire out the opponent, and that’s why those boards from Looney were so important even with all the missed FTs

    • Napoleon in exile says:

      I don’t think they were gassed. They couldn’t handle the moment, they couldn’t hit a shot. Barnes and Heurter were awful the entire series. Once Fox was injured, he was extremely inconsistent. You’re not going to beat the Warriors when those three are providing so little

    • David Hinton says:

      Golden State broke Sacramento’s will ON THE GLASS (of all places) in the 3Q. they had nothing left after that.

  8. Cesar M says:

    Curry shredding these young guns at 35. Incredible talent and competitor.

  9. Deal Dough says:

    People forget that it requires so much more skill to play the game at that level being Steph’s size. He doesn’t have the size to go through anyone like Lebron does or the height to rise up and shoot over people people like KD, or even Kobe. It takes a lot more skill and craftiness to score like that consistently. And what he’s doing now is even more impressive than when he first got his mvp’s because every single teams entire defensive plan is centered around him now.

    • Richard Christy says:

      He’s gained so much muscle in the last five years too

    • cherylwoodward says:

      This! Been saying this for years. Wish there was a stat that took size into consideration!

    • Jay Padgett says:

      I disagree I believe it is because of his size he can do all those things. Durant LeBron Kobe are all bigger than Steph and their size prevents them from doing what Steph does even tho Durant is amazing he can’t play like the Chef

    • Chris Banks says:

      People forget how many championships he deny Lebron, and in the ones Lebron won, Steph or Thompson sometimes had injuries. Steph is not a simpleton

    • Trigganometry says:

      He’s been see8ng triple team defenses since 2014

  10. Juan Andrés Penagos Correa says:

    Man watching JJ talk about basketball you can really see he actually loves the sport. Beautiful.

    • Pinhead Larry says:

      Yeah especially when he went on national tv and said NBA was rigging the series for the Kings to win

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