Miami Dolphins vs. Los Angeles Chargers | 2023 Week 1 Game Highlights

Miami Dolphins vs. Los Angeles Chargers | 2023 Week 1 Game Highlights

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45 Responses

  1. Steven Hickey says:

    Kevin Harlan is the best NFL announcer , hands down.
    He can make a preseason game sound like it’s 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.
    Go Dolphins

  2. wock says:

    As a Phins fan who has watched every snap of Tua’s career, he made some throws I have never seen before. What a game from Uce, love my QB.

  3. Annalee Hecke says:

    “As a Chargers fan, I can only say good game. The Dolphins absolutely torched the Chargers’ secondary.” My heart was pounding the whole time! What an intense match.

  4. The tank564 says:

    As a Dolphins fan my heart rate went up and down so many times. Love that Tua is proving everyone wrong as usual

  5. Suspicious Afternoon says:

    I’ve never seen a receiver as explosive as Tyreek Hill man this guy is INSANE

  6. Mason Cook says:

    While I’m sad that the bolts lost, this is easily one of the best football games I’ve seen in a while and I got to see it in person. well played dolphins. Also it’s a crime that this wasn’t the primetime game.

  7. Flembeled says:

    Bro, this game was CRAZY. 7 times a team switched leads, thats crazy. 460+ yards for Tua and 215 yards for hill for only WEEK 1. Overall, best game of week 1 for sure

  8. GrayMoe says:

    The Dolphins are just fun to watch. Hopefully Tua can stay healthy this season.

  9. Ernesto Lopez says:

    What an incredible week 1 game. Best game today by far! Tua showed up with his A game and just lit em up! Wow.

  10. Alphakenny1 says:

    When Kevin Harlan and Trent Greene commentate the dolphins it’s always an exciting game.

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