Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 11

Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 11

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34 Responses

  1. Misha Charoudin says:

    Bro I’d totally fly out to lift in this gym

  2. twosteptown says:

    The carbon doctors laugh is so contagious haha he’s a treasure.

  3. tlabort says:

    The powder coating looks insane my heart goes out to you Freddie your doing an amazing job thumbs up

    • WhiteDieselShed says:

      Not so sure on the powder coating, they forgot to powder coat the sand….

    • Zonkobel says:

      cant be high quality with the amount of sand that came out…

    • MIGNOT Maxime says:

      I was surprised by the amount of sand left. The surface seems uneven also ; first, I tought it would have been better to go matt black, then I saw the gold reflecting on the chassis… it definetely was the right decision but too bad it is not smooth.@Zonkobel

    • rAYMONO rAY says:

      Is that sand? or is it the blasting that was done before the powdercoating.@Zonkobel

  4. Dvlop 001 says:

    Totally redeeming himself after being hit with a unexpected sandstorm. Rich is absolutely correct. 10 year old tech is just a waste in your case. This is going to be epic.👍🏾

    • Joshua Richardz says:

      Thats why you upgrade it.

    • AdamTM says:

      The engine is also outdated, and is being rebuilt and upgraded as a result. The logical thing to do (and I’m pretty sure what everyone wanted) was to rebuild and upgrade the hybrid drive system as well. Otherwise why bother with a P1 to start with, just use a 650 or 720.

    • ANT says:

      Fastest McClaren, maybe but not a P1. Engine swap old classics may make it better but you lose its heart

    • Jono says:

      Did you know there are engines with 3000hp or more? By your logic maybe he should have LS swapped it since faster is better right?

    • Plekto's Gaming says:

      The hybrid system was them experimenting to see if they could lower acceleration times. And it does work. But dropping 400lbs off of the car is better. Plus, now he has a space for a second trunk/engine access. 🙂

  5. matt Irondog says:

    Two episodes so close together? Like a three paycheque month, I feel rich!

  6. Davey Jones says:

    I Love your sheer will, determination, and perseverance Tavarish. But I laughed so hard the second you said, “I don’t think we can do this.”
    Episode 1 would have been me saying that and shutting the entire project down. You’re just talking about cleaning up the harness wiring. You and your team are absolutely Masters of your crafts, jumping head first into uncharted waters, and y’all mixed it all in with a dash of pure insanity. I’m in awe and I’m here to watch all the way through this massive undertaking. I’ve loved all your previous work but this is by far your White Whale!

    • Joshua Richardz says:

      He ruined a P1… turned it into a 720P.

    • Max Ivy says:

      @Joshua Richardz Bro did you even manage to put on a pair of pants today?

    • scuda2020 says:

      @Joshua RichardzI’m pretty sure a flood ruined it, this guy is rebuilding it. You’re doing nothing.

    • 7PathsofPain says:

      No he didn’t ruin a P1! I work in the car industry with certain individuals who deal with flood supercars. Most would not touch this car because of the hassle. He has still kept the McLaren DNA in this vehicle and even expanded and improved upon it in his own way. Maybe you haven’t seen his builds, but all of his subscribers of the years know that his final product is A1 showroom quality and this isn’t just a simple rebuild. This is a one off re engineered hypercar that will be better than the original. And I’m tired of seeing LS swaps all over the place.

  7. Delaperformance_Delatuned says:

    The frame doctor carbon work is beyond amazing

    • Plekto's Gaming says:

      The beauty of CF is that as long as the structure is intact, you can always sand down and put another layer on top. The stuff is about as thick as a piece of paper, per sheet. It’s also much easier to work with than something like Aluminum.

    • Dekker Lundquist says:

      Yes that guy is a real craftsman. Major respect.

    • R Andrews says:

      yes totally agree pure craftsman

  8. Darrell Coy says:

    Man. The logistics and just getting these people to work with you on a crazy project like this has to be such an ordeal.. Insane that we see meaningful updates this often. I am a forever viewer and glad to see Jarred doing so well. Hope to see him in some of your future builds.

  9. MrGravid08 says:

    Only 0:30 seconds in and already that P1 is looking sick. Have a feeling this is going to be the best “P1” in the world.

  10. Colin Staffieri says:

    I love this series so much. Has to be one of the greatest build series ever. I appreciate you Freddy and everyone involved

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