RIP Papa Jim

RIP Papa Jim

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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A tribute to Papa Jim’s life and all the memorable times we got a share with him ❤️

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34 Responses

  1. Danny Duncan says:

    Thank you Papa Jim ❤️

  2. Jacob Markovich says:

    This world didn’t deserve papa Jim, papa Jim deserved the world

  3. The Lawn Care Nut says:

    You are so fortunate to have a friend like Jim, and so was he.

  4. Jaiden says:

    I can’t even imagine what Danny is going through papa Jim will not be forgotten he is a legend and will live on forever in everybody’s heart RIP Papa Jim

  5. Mav says:

    i’m not crying you’re crying

  6. February says:

    He’s in a better place now. God bless his soul man, hope you’re holding up well Danny.

  7. Rhino TV says:

    Its crazy the love I had for someone I never actually knew. Going to really miss him 🙁

  8. Mikaera Wilson says:

    Fuck he’s gonna be missed, what an awesome human! He will never know how many people he reached and how much he was loved. Rest In Peace papa Jim

  9. Zachary Korpics says:

    Crazy how one person can affect your life so much when you’ve never even met the guy. Maybe I just relate him to my grandfather I never knew who was also Navy WWII. RIP Papa Jim 💙

  10. Jack Leach says:

    This made me smile, especially when he was saying how much he appreciated the company from the younger generation. RIP Papa Jim, gone but most certainly not forgotten

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