SEC Shorts – Georgia wins it all and Hope moves on

SEC Shorts – Georgia wins it all and Hope moves on

It’s been 41 years and Georgia has a lot of partying to catch up on. The Dawgs pull it out against Alabama and prove they have what it takes to finally get to the top of the mountain. Now their long relationship with Hope comes to an end and she needs to find a new place to move on to.

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51 Responses

  1. SpongeBob McPringle says:

    SEC shorts delivering once again. Gonna miss having a new short to watch every week 🥲

  2. Sean Tomlinson says:

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

    These are amazing. Beautifully done. Thank you to the whole crew.

  3. Pig Trail Network says:

    “This time you hoped you can do it…next time you know you can do it”…the feels…

  4. Nick Alfidi says:

    I remember coming here after every UGA close loss, watching SEC Shorts’ video on a game that would be soul-crushing, wondering when, if, this day would come. This is for 2007, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019, etc. All of the heartbreak is now forever okay with me because of not only that we did it, but how we did it. We were the team which came back and played our best in the fourth.

    It honestly doesn’t feel real and I’m just so happy this finally happened. I was born in 2002, so while I have my far share of heartbreak, I can only imagine what it feels like for the fans a generation before me. I can’t really explain how much it means, but it was as equally relieving as it was joyous and I’ll enjoy for a while. GO DAWGS!!!

    *Also thank you SEC Shorts for everything you do! I always enjoy your content even when the material is directly making fun of us lol

    **Also, also, the line “you hoped you can do it. Next time, you know you can”… I don’t know why a ficitonal character about a literally human feeling hit that hard, but it did. I’ll miss the UGA-Hope relationship so much. Super incredible job, especially to Hannah! She has been terrific!

    • Stevens Defense Academy LLC says:

      @Nick Alfidi This is exactly how I felt when my Bucks won the NBA championship, all the close losses, blown leads, and playoff disappointments suddenly seem not only no longer a big deal, but worth it. Enjoy this moment.

    • Eta1425 says:

      I was born in July 1981, 6 months after our previous national championship. So I’ve suffered through the losses for almost the maximum time possible. Makes this one extra special though! Go Dawgs!

    • Poco Por Poco says:

      @Jon It won’t ever be THAT bad. Sure, Georgia may have a disappointing (8-4 or 9-3) season next year, they may win it all again, I don’t know, but they won’t have the 6-6 type season that 2020 LSU did.

    • Michael W says:

      @Jon Kirby Smart is not Coach O.

    • JonSnowRadio says:

      My husband was a student at UGA in 1980. I’ve teased him that maybe this was THE year and he could finally retire with another one. He was still floating on air yesterday!

  5. Jimmy Saxton says:

    Finally… one that doesn’t sting at the end of the year. He even said Rambo and not Ringo. Great content as always guys. See you next fall!

    • MEISYA🌹 says:

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    • Siani Ka says:

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      Life’s story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever

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    • Neal McCorkle says:

      yeah thinking Bacarri Rambo from back in the day instead of today while wearing a Gurley shirt…Hope twisted our head in a knot.

    • Fishing The List says:

      At least he didn’t say John, Paul, and/or George.

  6. Shane Bentley says:

    The joke about watching other Georgia fans reactions to the game is super on point lol…been doing everyday since the win. Go Dawgs!

  7. Big Phil says:

    I still can’t believe we got a Braves and a Bulldogs championship in the same year. 🙌🏼

  8. SEC Shorts says:

    Sorry, Ringo!! 🙃 Late night script writing casualty. We hope the fact you never have to buy a drink in Athens will dull the pain from our mistake.

  9. Jessica G says:

    I got teary-eyed at the end. Great ending to the GA – Hope story for this season! Thanks SEC shorts for the amazing videos all season!

  10. Kevin D'Sa says:

    Here’s “hoping” that SEC Shorts does an end of season report card for each team like they did last year!!

    • Das Food says:

      @Mark InTexas as a Mississippi State fan, it’s been almost a decade since I last saw Hope 🥲

    • Dylan Short says:


    • Damon says:

      @Marty Mac That’s like her moving into a single wide. The Vols are not even in the realm of hope yet. A&M is the logical spot after getting Jimbo, beating Bama and the big recruiting classes. And as bad of a burden as “1980” was, The last time A&M won a Natty people were likely far more concerned with Hitler’s invasion of Poland earlier in the year.

    • EMH says:

      @Here Comes The Closer Good luck with that, Hope doesn’t like golf balls or mustard bottles.

    • John Parker says:

      Arkansas beat A and M. So they are the third best team in the SEC. According to Hog fans, Hope should stop in Natural State.

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