Senegal vs Egypt | AFCON 2021 FINAL HIGHLIGHTS | 02/06/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

Senegal vs Egypt | AFCON 2021 FINAL HIGHLIGHTS | 02/06/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

Sadio Mané converted the final penalty that broke Senegal’s spell in the African Cup, which they won for the first time in history by beating Egypt.

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41 Responses

  1. Far Cry says:

    Eduard Mendy had a crazy 18 months. Now a certified legend for both his club and country!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bestfootball_edits0 says:

      @KXNZO10 definitely a city fan (probably not that’s unheard of), Egypt fan, or that one guy who said that salah deserved Messi dor

    • The Jamaican Dude With 100k Subs says:

      @Gato 69xxx you don’t have to play for 10 years to be considered a legend or better than another who has played for that much time. This is an irrelevant comparison but I just wanted to say that.. Neuer is a better GK than Buffon and he was before a decade into his career because he’s just a better keeper.. If a man can finish better he can finish better, consistency is a different argument.. Ronaldo or Thierry Henry vs CR7.. The first 2 are better finishers but CR7 is very consistent

    • Tim Jim says:

      @JovyRey Fernandez sorry yeah still what’s that 4 finals in 18 months

    • Julian DiGiuseppe says:

      @Tim Jim he lost the fa cup lol

    • Gato 69xxx says:

      @Dada Mula he’s only legend because Africa produces shit keepers😭😂 no competition whatsoever

  2. Thomas Sankara says:

    So happy for Mané, Mendy and Senégal! Congratulations to you guys. From a Congolese man.

  3. John Mikhail says:

    Congrats to our brothers Senegal, well deserved victory! As an Egyptian, I’m crushed, but will give credit where it is due, and Senegal deserved the win

    • Kay Pakaipa says:

      Congrats to Senegal. Egypt will come back next year. Thats how this usually goes. The loser of last final comes back to avenge.
      But Egypt need to improve their tactics and play positive attacking football, this sotting back and going to penalties every game is not championship football.

    • ConsoleRebels says:

      @Raphael Quarshie Who won this “black cup” the most 😜

    • HotChitoo_ says:

      That’s what matters we support those who earned it

    • karim houb says:

      Congratulations … to you …👍🌹☕❤ from Morocco ..👍🌹❤Good luck brothers ( world Cup) incha Allah 👍😍❤

    • KingMoe W'DD says:

      @Mademoiselle FatouJane khana Gambia gua deukeu

  4. Adegbuyi Adeyemi says:

    One of the most intense, action filled and suspense packed finals ever in AFCON. Congratulations Senegal!

  5. Nana Kwasi says:

    It was clear from the get go Egypt wanted to be in defense and Senegal on the gas pedal. It was also clear the referee wanted to keep a hands off approach. Although evenly matched, the Egyptian defense was well organized and focused on stopping the Senegalese pace inside their box. Gabaski was quite phenomenal in keeping Egypt in the game. In the end it seemed the pressure of the PK weighed down on the Pharaohs more than the Lions of Terenga! Mane’s winning PK was a correction of the former. Congrats to Senegal on winning their first AFCON “I love this game!”

  6. Lazarus Cardwell says:

    Special shout out to Cameroon and to Samuel Eto’o for daring to dream big to bring their ambitions to host AFCON to reality. This was my first AFCON tournament ever and it was awesome and I loved it! Congrats to Sadio Mane and to Senegal for winning the tournament! Thank you beIN sports USA for broadcasting AFCON2022!!

  7. Fikru Jemberie says:

    Congrats to our brothers in Senegal 🇸🇳
    ❤️ from Ethiopia 🇪🇹. Well deserved win 🏅.

    • Atef Abuelenin says:

      I’m talking about sports and don’t know why you are involving politics and water.

    • Ethiopiantiktok says:

      @Oromambo First read the comment then ready history. Seems like you allergic to reading. Dont just read what you want and then blablabla….read to understand not to respond….he said he is not Ethiopian dummy, I know who you meant by ¨Ethiopia¨ because you on your tribalism stupidity shit! Ethiopia have around 80 tribe so be specific and go educate your self! speak from reason, not feeling!!! Ethiopia as country is proud African, we are black African. Ethiopia mean burned face.. we help create pan Africanisim, and African union that is why the headquarter of the AU is in Addis Ababa. We were there way before many other African countries (kingdom of Aksum from 2nd to 10 century) way before your parent immigrant to Ethiopia in 16th century which then together form the great Ethiopia which am proud of. Use google as much as you use YouTube and search Top 20 oldest country in world and Top 10 oldest kingdom. I know you just commenting from hate (of a cretin tribe) perspective, my brother its 2022 get out of your insecurity/tribe mentality and read more, know yourself before speaking on behalf of others. If you oromo then cool and be a proud oromo but stop speaking on behave of Ethiopian because I´m Ethiopian and I´m proud African. Identity crises is real my brother, find yourself and know who you are…you have proud and great warrior tribe read about it…because those who know themselves don´t need to downgrade others tribe or country to make them feel better. Peace and Love…;-)

    • Shalom4714 says:

      @Atef Abuelenin The fact that we were there is what matters! And indeed we lost so what? Is that the first? You are behind a key board bullying do you think you are doing some thing valuable lol

    • Shalom4714 says:


    • Oromambo says:

      @Atef Abuelenin You should have been kicked out of the African cup. You don’t claim to be African anyway.

  8. Tsi Moi says:

    Congrats to coach Cisse for finally winning the AFCON. Congrats also to Mane for being Man of the Tournament and Mendy for being GK of the tournament. Go Senegal.

  9. Sany cer says:

    Senegal truly deserved this win. Their defense and midfield were top notch. Despite injuries from aggressive Egyptian, the Lions still creeped forward. Egypt defense was top notch too, but their midfield was weak and leaked. Both goalkeepers earned 5 stars despite Mendy hesitated to catch that ball early in the game but to make it up in the PK. This referee, despite clear fouls, he gave no red cards to keep the game longer and fair for entertainment and fair fight.

    Congratulations to the Lions 🦁 Senegal 🇸🇳 🏆

  10. Daredevil's Eyes says:

    Congrats to the Senegal players! 🇸🇳 All the way from America 🇺🇸 You finally got the trophy 🏆 👏 🙌🏽

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