#shorts #ashortaday

#shorts #ashortaday

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  1. Nilesh Bamaniya says:

    jai shree ram🙏🙏🙏🙏 🚩🚩🚩🚩

    • Joycé⚘ says:

      @spring I actually don’t have any idea regarding religious conflicts going on in India. I get to know very tiny information about it since I’m of Indian origin living in the states. I’ve got so many friends from India and they are very nice:). as a hindu I’m proud of my religion and tend to believe that every religion deserves respect. Sometimes, this people gets into my nerves. But it’s not good to see certain hindus abusing other’s gods in return. See, I don’t hold any grudges for them cause I know that few contaminated minds cannot define religion of billion people. Its applicable for people of all religions.
      Stay safe and take care. Also, unity and secularism is what which will make India like any other developed world. India needs sheer amount of reforms and communal harmony. In the US we’ve got so many muslims too and they’re allowed to display their religion however, people don’t like them wearing scarfs. still here no one interferes in anyone’s religious practices.

      Ganpati bappa morya 🙏. Have a nice day!

    • spring says:

      @Kulsum Saiyed hindu tum jaise besharam logo ki vjh se tumhare level p aake tumhe smjhayenge ab. Tumne bhot pareshan kar liya hume. Jb dekho tb aake abuse kiya apne religion ko upr btaya.. kya proof h tumhare pass apni bongiyon or jhoothe maulana maulvi k alawa.. hm bi exmuslims ko follow kar rhe h daily tum expose hote ho.. or kashmir files mein tumhari picture puri duniya dekhegi.. bhot time chup rhe tumhe bhot sehen kar liya! Ab vaise hi jawab milega.

    • Kulsum Saiyed says:

      Hindu log Tere jaise gande ho gaye

    • spring says:

      @AL-AMIN 777 chal nikal jihadi ..fatt kahi jaake jhoote religion k jahil follower.

    • Mayank Kumar says:

      Aisa talent Sirf India walo me hi ho sakta hain

  2. My Thoughts 4U says:

    It is a birthright for talented people like these to go viral.

    • GH BUNNY says:

      @Gamernx bhai tu ne hawa dekhi ha nhi na toh bhagwan bhi nhi dikhte toh nhi ha kya ha bhagwan samja || Chutiya salle ||

    • GH BUNNY says:

      @Sasukeうちは Hmm allah ne bas kata hua laand banaya ha

    • Gamernx says:

      @spring bhai tujhe kyu lagta hai yeh sab log Pakistani hai? Atheist naam ka bhi ek cheez hota hai pata hai na? Aur mai khud ek Atheist hu aur mujhe bhi lagta hai bandar accha banaya in hone toh tera problem kya hai unpar gawar? Ja jake padhai likhayi kar aur bhagwan keh ke koyi nahi hai

    • My Thoughts 4U says:

      I don’t believe in God but I believe in this fellow’s talent. 🙃

    • Sasukeうちは says:

      @BAD GAMING YT sahi bola

  3. Aishwarya Mourya says:

    I really love your talent ❤️
    Whereas l can’t even write a proper A with my left hand ✋

  4. YouTube RECTUS says:

    🙏Jai Bala Ji Maharaj 🙏
    best art Work brother 💞♥️

  5. All actress fan says:

    That’s a real talent 🥳 keep it up!😊

    Edit: thanks for 8 likes in just 2 minutes

  6. Neeraj Chopra Official ꪜ says:

    Only the strongest shoulders can carry the hopes of a nation.

    India proud on you 🇮🇳

  7. Mr. Uday Pandoi says:

    There might be mirror in front of him
    But still it’s the most awesome art of the world 🙏😋

  8. Aditya pareek says:

    #1 on trending🔥🔥

  9. Ajay rathore soniyasar says:

    ♥️Jai shree balaji♥️

  10. Akhilesh Panday says:

    Jai shree ram.🙏♥️🚩

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