Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders after Colorado’s 2OT victory over Colorado St.

Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders after Colorado’s 2OT victory over Colorado St.

Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders sat down with reporters and discussed the Colorado Buffaloes’ 2OT victory over the Colorado State Rams.

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Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders after Colorado’s 2OT victory over Colorado St.


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49 Responses

  1. CFB ON FOX says:

    Will Shedeur win the Heisman?

  2. Rance Rob says:

    Marching your team 98 yards to tie or win the game is something kids dream about. Incredible game.

  3. Scotty B says:

    Deion’s sons are true leaders. They are gonna win a lot of games because they have amazing player leadership

  4. Lord Drewcifer says:

    Usually brothers aren’t on the same team. Dad is coach, one brother leads the offense, the other leads the defense. What a family legacy they’re building.

  5. SP69 says:

    Shilo is absolutely correct! State really wasn’t doing anything special but they were killing the Buffs on the under rout. Thank god Shedeur and the whole team knows & understand what’s at stake. When he said, “If we stop winning everything goes away” I felt that. He was absolutely correct. He knows that they have to win cause if not, folks will make it seem like they’re the worse team to ever play the game. When in all actuality, they’re just out there playing the game they love to play. No matter the fanfare or how many celebrities are on their sidelines or in their locker room, they just want to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played and they want to win.

  6. AKa Big says:

    The Sanders’ have NO hate in their heart towards JSU.

    • AKWl0l says:

      But some of JSU has hate towards the sanders

    • Dena Bilbrew says:

      @AKWl0l JSU has no hate towards Shilo and Shedeur

    • Alexis Browning says:

      @Dena BilbrewIf they have hate for Prime, they might as well have hate for his sons. You can tell they have less forgiveness in their heart when it comes to their dad. Shedeur tried to stop the handshake between Prime and Norvell at the end of the game 🤣

    • The Main Attraction says:

      @Alexis Browning: Naw, that’s not what he was doing, he was having his dad’s back and making sure he was good! lol 😂
      Keep staying salty, keep crying, & keep being a beeyatch in the comments! Haha 😆

    • Alexis Browning says:

      @The Main Attraction What am I salty about? CU beat a bunch of dirty players who are coached by someone who obviously wasn’t raised right. I’m ecstatic

  7. tom craft says:

    What amazing human beings Shilo and Shadeur are, Coach Prime should be so proud of them

  8. NaNoska Parker says:

    Please let Shilo comes to the postgame press conferences more! He’s too funny😂

  9. kev barre says:

    Sheduer moves the ball down the field like Tom Brady. a great quarterback with impeccable vision and resilience. similar to Brady. if Brady’s team was losing, no matter how many seconds were on the clock, and he had the ball, you couldn’t count the Patriots out. Sheduer is the same way.

    • BlackMarq20 says:

      Brady is his mentor and trains with him, so it makes sense. I do think he needs to run the ball more at times. Get out of the pocket and use those legs.

    • Raymel Leonard says:

      @BlackMarq20yea and my only other gripe is getting out the pocket/throwing ball away. Don’t want him turning into Josh Allen taking hits tryna make a big play

    • MS says:

      He definitely does move the ball downfield like Brady. I was shocked to see it. So happy for him n motivated myself

    • sam sneadd says:

      Listen, no body knows Brady more than a Seahawks fan cause we felt it. I swear there were times I literall asked myself is that number 2 Shaduer or Brady?!?!? Retirement my butt he just wanted to come back and flex in a big college game. And the qb on the rams was out there looking like Rogers at times ! Okay season injury this was apart of Arrons master plan. Half time put on a jersey and throw darts. Both qbs played great whn they turned it up. But yea I ahree Shaduer’s stance and poise as well as ball release was so Brady esq.

    • MRLA450BIK3LIFE says:

      @Raymel Leonardyea that’s what it is for me too when the pressure is on he has to get that ball out couple of those sacks could’ve cost him in a real way holding on to that ball get it out

  10. Annie Wissner says:

    I can’t imagine how amazing it is to be Deion Sanders. His sons are great. What a moment!

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