STARFIELD A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME With No Exploits – Can You Beat Starfield Unarmed Only Challenge

STARFIELD A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME With No Exploits – Can You Beat Starfield Unarmed Only Challenge

Welcome to the world of Starfield with The Spiffing Brit! In this gameplay video, Todd showcases a unique and challenging playstyle by going completely unarmed. Watch as he takes on enemies using only his fists, delivering devastating blows that will leave you in awe. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible combat skills and slow paced nightmare that is the exciting adventures in Starfield unarmed! So lets see if Starfield is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if perhaps todd has left in some bugs glitches and features for us to use.

Starfield description: From the creators of Fallout 4 and Skyrim comes the next Bethesda AAA Game release in the form of the space rpg starfield! It was announced during Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2018. The game takes place in a space-themed setting, and is the first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda in 29 years and finally it is here! Today we will follow the adventure of reanu keeves a space adventurer on a quest to become the most overpowered character in starfield. We will see if its possible to bring back the skyrim stealth archer build in a brand new starfield build and see if we can stack modifiers, bugs and dupes to exploit the game so lets see what we can do!

00:00 – Intro
01:36 – Our first fight!
04:27 – Taking down Brogan
06:22 – Wall Hacks!
10:05 – Dealing with the bank robbers
12:58 – Fists vs. Robots
17:31 – Red Mile World Record!
21:14 – Can kill what you cant catch!
22:34 – Fighting Paxton Hull
25:50 – Destroying the Megacapitalists!
27.29 – Outro & THanks for Watching!

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Title: STARFIELD A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits – Can You Beat Starfield Unarmed Only Challenge

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39 Responses

  1. The Spiffing Brit says:

    *Welcome to the most underpowered overpowered build imaginable!*
    p.s. Bethesda removed some of the trader chests so now I am very annoyed
    Also reasons why unarmed sucks:
    – Does Not Scale With level
    – Is not buffed by other equipment
    – Is only buffed by 2 meds
    – Is Very Slow
    – Has no weight or impact
    – The Lowest DPS in the entire game
    – Enemies will runaway constantly (Unlike in skyrim)
    – Requires you to break every other aspect of the game to make it viable

  2. SecondGhoul says:

    New Todd Howard game = Always good content and perfectly balanced game with no exploits

  3. SoCalGuitarist says:

    The secret to a really great melee build in this game is crouching. Once you knock the enemy down, crouch and then your attacks become stealth attacks (since they’re stunned they can’t see you) and suddenly you’re doing x 2 dmg. It will also let you start working up the stealth skills, which get stupidly good and stacks really well with a fisticuffs spacer build

    • Cheeki Breeki says:

      Yeap, highest level of damage for unarmed is 10x sneak attack that goes to 600+ damage power attack headshot. It still has a really low base damage though since the wakizashi on the same character would do near 3k sneak headshot power attack and the vaarun painblade does nearly 4k.

    • Silvershock Nicktail says:

      That’s so brilliantly broken it could only be a Bethesda game.

    • WangNurMouth says:

      The ol Johnny cage method eh. Stay low and lo blow. And don’t stop swinging.

    • Battlion 50 says:

      Dang, that’s like a no holds barred beatdown. Like, they’re already down and delirious, better sit on them and mma smash their skull in til they stop moving.

    • The Spiffing Brit says:

      The issue is stealth detection is currently broken in the thanks to multiple bugs. Equally it’s still massively made superfluous by guns doing all this and more

  4. The Artistic Spartan says:

    Reanu Keeves may not be our protagonist in this particular story, but bless Todd Howard for allowing Reanu to transcend the boundaries of an atmosphere and spread his influence across all of space and time.

  5. Dostwyn says:

    When I first saw that Starfield has several perks for unarmed melee, I thought I could make a character focused on that. Flying through space, punching dudes in the face. But just the fact that there’s no button to switch to Unarmed was enough to stop me from doing that.
    And it also became clear quickly that all those Unarmed perks are actually shit. It doesn’t matter that you can increase Unarmed damage by 100%, because doubling no damage is still no damage.

    • John Gleeman says:

      If there were unarmed weapons to increase the base damage those perks might be worth a damn. XD

    • TheXell says:

      Yeah, kinda disappointed that a run like that would probably really tedious, esprecially on higher difficulties.

      Guess we gotta wait for modders to fix it, like always.

  6. John Smith says:

    Truly a shame you can no longer loot merchant’s chests

    • Lawrence Gillespie says:

      Yes, it reminded me of the Dawnstar chest in Skyrim, which still isn’t patched to this day.

    • Indigo Foxx says:

      Yeah… now you’ve got to actually play the game

    • John Smith says:

      @Indigo Foxx lol, “play”, you mean grind out credits to buy what you want? You watch TSB because he “has to play the game”, be less disingenuous.

    • dickyboi says:

      ​@John Smiththere are way better exploits for credits than the merchant chests. Spiff is just an old dog that hasnt learned the new tricks

  7. Dolphin Punch says:

    Thank you Todd Howard for continuing to make such perfect games! They just work!

  8. Andres de Leon says:

    Spiff wanted to make a gorgeous alien guy, but he just made awesome mustache Asmongold 😂

    This went from Dollar Store Doom Slayer to Gotta go Fast

  9. clericofchaos1 says:

    Unfortunately, they patched the chests out some time ago. I don’t understand why they left the dawnstar chest alone for 13 years but patched the starfield chests after 3 weeks.

    • Marz14n says:

      Todd’s getting tired of the memes 😂

    • Grustly Taj says:

      People should have just kept cool about the treasure chests in Skyrim. But like since people have literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars bitching that Bethesda never fixes game exploits and use the damned chest as their rallying cry, this is what happens.

      People can’t say Bethesda doesn’t listen 😂😂

    • Slank says:

      Seems like they moved the chests under the vendors in New Atlantis. Can’t find any.

    • GyroZeppeli says:

      Meanwhile there is still a game breaking bug that deleted all my cargo and erased the name of my ship, it is literally unnamed, just blank. When I try to rename it, nothing happens.

  10. Christopher Louis says:

    Good to hear ES4 Oblivion’s blocking causing you to have a shorter attacking/casting animation is bleeding over into new games.

    • Probably the DM says:

      It’s the same engine, with some updates, so it’s no surprise the same tricks keep working in every game…

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