Starfield Review “Buy, Wait, Never Touch?”

Starfield Review “Buy, Wait, Never Touch?”

Starfield Review “Buy, Wait, Never Touch?”
Starfield is coming out soon from Bethesda. Thanks to them for the very early review code. Lets see if it was worth it.
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44 Responses

  1. ACG says:

    Thanks to Beth for the code. Even though I said Redfall was the worst game of 2023 lol
    Beth had a lot of story restrictions and coverage stuff so I had to jump around a bit. One or two cuts might be abrupt as I felt something too spoilery was in the video
    A liked it a lot I wish it was more seamless and there are a couple issues! But overall, it was a blast and I am still playing it which is rare for me and joined Baldurs Gate 3 as a title that I have still been in well after being done.

    • bcat says:

      No way you got a code!! Extremely happy that you’re not giga blacklisted, your review was the one I was excited for the most <3

    • Nav3n says:

      Nice one, mate

    • HouseSpecial 78 says:

      Would you say this game is a system seller in your opinion?

    • Hole in Dans Sock says:

      ​@HouseSpecial 78no, they tried to make a space game but it literally has edges and borders….. Space is endless. This is a failure imo.

      Wanna make an open world game? Even gta doesn’t have the entire planet covered….

      I honestly dont know if video games can do that, possibly random procedural help with AI and online connection…. You could do a true open world planet….

      But space? It has no end…

      They bit off more then they can chew here…

      Is it a bad game? No. Is it great and amazing and perfect? Absolutely no.

    • HouseSpecial 78 says:

      @Hole in Dans Sock ok bro

  2. crowfood says:

    The way ACG knew EXACTLY what he was doing on the intro… 🤣

  3. protodevilin says:

    I was certain this game would be a buggy mess, if not entirely disappointing, on launch. Happy to see how wrong I was.

  4. Ice Cool says:

    Not even 1 minute in and already chuckling at all the digs at the people who were so sure the game would be bad before playing 1 second of it. I love your work man, you’re one of the only reviewers left that I trust after Total Biscuit died (RIP).

    • Lou Bloom says:

      May not be bad, but it seems like it may have been overhyped. It is what it is. I will definitely be playing it, and it looks like it’ll still be a good time.

    • tsuday_93 says:

      @Lou Bloom They weren’t commenting on whether it was overhyped or not. I think it’s more a reference to everyone who said that the game was guaranteed to be a technical disaster, full of crippling bugs and fluctuating frame rates. It’s good to see those doomers eat their words.

    • ChaosZero ノブ says:

      @tsuday_93 Luke Stephens’ review has shown plenty of game breaking bugs already. NPCs falling through the floor, quests impossible to complete, procedural generation being limited in the things it can create and so on.

    • tsuday_93 says:

      @ChaosZero ノブ I’ve already watched Luke Stephens’ review, where he states that he started getting these bugs after the first 20 hours. Clearly, other people’s experiences have been different if this review is anything to go by. Also, my point is that the game isn’t as jankey as many people thought it would be, which is true. Comments regarding the technical performance of the game have been, by and large, mostly positive.

  5. Scott Schilmoeller says:

    ACG continuing to be the best game reviewer on the internet.

  6. Austin says:

    Best intro to a review I’ve seen in a long time. Always appreciate some good subversion. Thank you for your efforts as always.

  7. Anthony says:

    Rarely nervous about a review but this one gets there.

    Fingers crossed Bethesda nailed it!

  8. Throwaway name says:

    This review has been an absolute rollercoaster and it’s only been a minute lol

  9. XReflexian says:

    The first two minutes are one of the reasons why you are my to go to reviewer, i love your play on and around words which are pretty crafty and unique. Other then that you are pretty much always on target with your reviews and detailed in what to expect. Thanks for making these reviews !

  10. Dakk 69 says:

    ACG: the place to go for a no BS review. Thanks Karak!

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