Starfield Review

Starfield Review

Starfield reviewed on PC and Xbox Series X by Dan Stapleton.
It’s never a great sign when someone recommends a game on the grounds that it gets good after more than a dozen hours, but that’s very much the kind of game Starfield is, and I do recommend it. There are a lot of forces working against it, and the combination of disjointed space travel, nonexistent maps, aggravating inventory management, and a slow rollout of essential abilities very nearly did it in. It was the joys piloting a custom spaceship into and out of all sorts of morally ambiguous situations in a rich sci-fi universe that eventually pulled it out of a nosedive. I’m glad that I powered through the early hours, because its interstellar mystery story pays off and, once the ball got rolling, combat on foot and in space gradually became good enough that its momentum carried me into New Game+ after I’d finished the main story after around 60 hours. Like Skryim and Fallout 4 before it, there’s still an immense amount of quality roleplaying quests and interesting NPCs out there, waiting to be stumbled across, and the pull to seek it out is strong.

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38 Responses

  1. Vida Animada says:

    IGN gave it THAT score. You know the one I’m talking about!

  2. Breazy says:

    No Maps is kind of crazy for a game of this scope

  3. The Boulder says:

    Never forget IGN gave Doom Eternal a 7, Deathloop a 10, and Alien: Isolation a 6.

  4. Explore the Starfield says:

    This game is amazing, in my personal flavor and opinion. Im happy to have more Space/Sci-Fi games. Things will improve. Thank you Bethesda

  5. Keensam says:

    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and IGN delivering 7/10 reviews.

  6. Mike Castleberry says:

    Seems like a really fun game with the bizarre decision to not have a map

    • RuTube says:

      It’s literally called “Field of stars” how the hell did they not include a map

    • Deo says:

      Stop crying kid u dont need a map kid.

    • Moon920 says:


    • Marco Polo HOE says:

      ​@RuTube981 it’s a design choice, games with maps often lack what feels like natural exploration

      BGS games don’t have this problem as much, and if we look at Skyrim the one thing it did best was the sense of immersion with exploring
      Big reason why it has that legendary reputation

      When games have maps, it just feels like the map is guiding you to what you want to find

      Rather than the own players curiosity, or just stumbling on something and being surprised by your discovery.
      It’s way more dynamic this way

    • Deo says:

      the game not even out yet ant the kids are already whining and crying and sitting in their diapers@Marco Polo HOE

  7. White crab of Death says:

    No maps is actually insane.

  8. crimsonrose says:

    Despite the drawbacks the comparison to the Expanse has me intrigued.

  9. Lws says:

    After reading most of the reviews for this game, I’m getting the sense that this game is so massive that experiences can vary wildly. Ik u can say that about a lot of open world rpgs, but it seems to apply especially to starfield.

    • Oasis Gaming says:

      Yeah got to agree buddy. One trend I’ve noticed is pretty much all the reviews from 7/10 to 10/10 say it doesn’t get you particularly invested until 10-15 hours in

    • usasoldiern says:

      @Oasis Gaming To 10-15 hrs isn’t really that long in the grand scheme of things when it comes to this type of game.

    • Oasis Gaming says:

      @usasoldiern agree 100%. With a game that is so massive it’s no time at all. But for players new to RPGs or Bethesda they might not have the patience to get past that mark

    • CaptainTalon448 says:

      @Oasis Gaming Isn’t it a while though until you start getting to the meat of the story?

  10. Elwin A says:

    Honestly bethesda RPG games are like an 8/10. When it comes to the mod friendly community it is an automatic 10/10. And I’m pretty impressed on the new version of the creator engine. And I’m excited for mods

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