Store Exclusives – Scott The Woz

Store Exclusives – Scott The Woz

Scott can’t get Cars on PC at Best Buy and it’s another day living on this wretched planet.

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35 Responses

  1. Nathaniel Bandy says:

    Im sorry you had to spend 1 grand on clay fighters sculptors cut for a 1 second shot

  2. x948 says:

    The idea that Scott now has a PC is genuinely terrifying

  3. Chomper Nineteen-Ninety Four says:

    I was worried Scott didn’t say “Hey all, Scott here” for the first time ever, but I’m glad he said it at the end.

  4. Del Welke says:

    The game literally saying “rat-a-too-ee” and Scott still saying “raa- tat-oo-ee” is so funny to me

  5. SuperKoopa3DS says:

    The more I watch “Scott The Woz” the more I am shocked at all the games Scott actually owns.

  6. SandOphAll says:

    I’m still in shambles at the “GameStop do your magic!!” at 6:10 followed by Xenoblade getting put out of its misery😭

  7. Hwut the 2nd says:

    Good thing this episode of Scott the Woz is exclusive to Youtube!

  8. TripodRanger says:

    The only real dumb things about the Epic Store exclusivity is that it often happened to games that were already announced to be coming to Steam (including crowdfunded games), and that Epic for a while was making a big deal about how they were fighting the “monopoly” that was Steam… by monopolizing every game they could.

    • Dumb Scout says:

      Yeah, Steam definitely deserves to be taken down a notch, but if the only way you can do that is throwing a ton of money at developers for exclusivity instead of designing an actually good store/app… At that point I’m just gonna write off the game as being sold to Epic instead of sold to users, and thus not buy it at all lol

    • Kirby says:

      Who wants to compete with steam: everyone raises their hands
      who wants to make a good game launcher as an altenative to steam: dead silence

    • tr7zw says:

      Yep, this. They paid money so I can’t spend my money where I want and then called it “for more competition”. I just never made an epic account and instead waited a year for Satisfactory on Steam.

    • LPNP says:

      Also Steam has genuinely good features for end users like controller configs, in-home streaming, Steam Deck support, etc. People forget you lose all of that stuff with EGS. And if you’re the kind of person that cares about online games, you’re talking about two separate friends lists here. It’s not just about having to use a separate launcher, the service itself is vastly inferior. It doesn’t even have VR support. It truly is a worm.

  9. TheRandomJoshua says:

    Scott smiling while sitting in front of a pc with flames surrounding him has got to be one of the best things I’ve seen all year

  10. hio Man says:

    i’m just imagining an actual target employee seeing Scott, Dominic, and probably Sam, recording this in a target and thinking “oh, that target employee is telling him he can’t record here, glad i don’t have to

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