What did AEW World Champion MJF have to say to ROH TV Champ Samoa Joe? | 9/6/23 AEW Dynamite

What did AEW World Champion MJF have to say to ROH TV Champ Samoa Joe? | 9/6/23 AEW Dynamite

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36 Responses

  1. Chuck Buskee says:

    A rivalry I never knew I needed.

  2. Edward Lihking says:

    Joe getting under his skin by just calling him kid is absolutely genius, doesn’t need more than that

  3. Burned Smackdown says:

    Was hesitant with MJF as a face, but he has made the role as a natural and I am looking forward to this feud

    • Robert Diotalevi says:

      He can do it all, BAYBEE!

    • J Wolf says:

      I do prefer him as a “bad guy”, and want him.back there soon, but this is fun for now. He is great at everything.

    • Richard Smith says:

      MJF was the biggest face in the company as a Heel. Everyone loved him anyway, so not much has changed tbh

    • selectivevisions says:

      @Richard Smith he is still basically a heel he just has a friend and people love a good bromance when it comes to pro wrestling fans he still pulls heel moves like lowblows tight pulling etc, he wudda even still been using the dynamite diamond ring for instance at all in if Cole wasn’t his BFF. his promos although a little toned down still paint him as an ass hole just now he is our ass hole

    • slibertas1996 says:

      MJF is a heel

  4. chipsdeluxe1986 says:

    this is the most calm, level headed ive ever seen joe. ever. this whole promo was great. ive been waitin for this ever since joe pushed him. knowing they were in the same company, it was only a matter of time. im so excited

  5. Dave Jeffries says:

    And that’s what MJF Needd is a credible monster to solidify him being a Champ

  6. Superman305 says:

    Samoa Joe’s reaction after MJF hit him with that low blow 💀😂 priceless.

  7. Shawn Green says:

    Joe is really a true professional. I’m glad Tony give Joe a different title to chase especially after what he did last week.

  8. Hemant Bhardwaj says:

    this rivalry will be gold ..both nailed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Steven Schad says:

    Man, MJF is just so impressive. He’s developed into this rich, snobby version of an Austin-style, anti-hero persona and combined it with an in your face Flair-like promo technique.

    • Mox 316 says:

      Don’t you ever compare him with Austin, Styles or Flair,
      MJF is good just good

    • Pottsie_ERA says:

      ​@Mox 316he didn’t even compare MJF to AJ Styles

      he just said he is a snobby anti-hero version of Stone Cold and has the promo technique of Ric Flair

      too me MJF is a mix of Punk & Jericho.

    • The Nerd Upstairs says:

      No. He’s not close to Austin or Flair. Stop yourself. Foul mouthed Miz is not close to those legends.

    • Jeffrey Block says:

      When MJF was yelling all that was missing was a Woooo it was definitely that same passion as Flair

    • Тарас Микола says:

      ​@The Nerd Upstairs No, he actually is. And you are free to cry about it

  10. ECGM164 says:

    Now that’s how to make one small funny incident into the best promo. Loved it.

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