Style Theory: Are School Uniforms Worth It?

Style Theory: Are School Uniforms Worth It?

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Maybe you’ve heard that school uniforms make you smarter. Dress for success, right? WRONG! Schools have been lying to you about school uniforms, and we’re going to expose the truth. Watch to find out whether school uniforms actually work or if they’re just a ruse.
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Amy Roberts
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri) and Daniel Zemke
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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34 Responses

  1. ZercaJ says:

    I go to school with a uniform, and one of the most annoying things about uniforms was that girls were forced to wear skirts, even if it was really cold, the girls were freezing their legs off. Also I end up never buying 6 outfits— I just have 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and a separate pair for fridays. No one buys 6 outfits.

    • Spartan Rouge says:

      Girls at my school can wear pants, but they’re usually huge targets of bullying unfortunately. A lot of girls wear pajama pants under their skirts and take them off at school before the bell rings.

    • Evo says:

      @ribosomerocker assigned female at birth

    • CHEESE MASTER14 says:

      Back when I went to a school with a unform (currently going to one without) my parents would buy 5 uniforms, one for each day of the week, in my school the girls weren’t forced to wear skirts and were allowed to wear trousers like the boys did, I believe the skirt thing for girls is more of an American thing since I do live in Britain which is more strict with uniforms, but more accepting of girls wearing whatever they want to, as with the rest of Europe

    • Katurei says:

      I use to go to a school with uniform and so did the other of my siblings and the school had signature uniforms and we couldn’t even wear our own coats or hoodies when it got cold we had to buy the signature ones(( They were too thin btw)) 4 kids equaled to about 1,000 or more dollars for the uniforms and you had to buy another one the next school year because each grade had a different color so like my sister was a third grader she wore yellow then when she went to 4th my mom had to buy the 4th grader uniform shirts which that was like over 1,000 dollars

    • ribosomerocker says:

      @Krystel Hardesty ah, school uniforms were way more expensive back then. it was extremely expensive for us, so we usually only bought what we needed whenever we needed.

  2. Vicky Miller says:

    I’m from Australia and I’ve changed schools almost every year up until year 4, so that’s 5 different schools that I been to and all of them had school uniform. Four of them were public school, where you could wear non school uniform only if they looked the same, so some of us wore cloths without the school logo but almost the same, which we could buy from Kmart. But the fifth school was private and it was impossible to find a cheaper duplicate and the uniform had to have the logo.

    • TheDarkEndemion says:

      I’m from chile and this is so relatable XD

    • steeltec says:

      Fellow Aussie and yeah, for the majority of schools you can just get a polo of whatever colour scheme the school goes with and it’s fine. I really enjoy the uniforms makes things a lot easier imo. I like the system we have here.

  3. Miruna Stoian says:

    the fact that our beloved MatPat decided to share his nerdy teenage years with us, for the sake of this channel. Youre great man🤣

  4. JOUE BIEN says:

    One benefit is that as a teacher with students on field trip it is easy to see which students are yours – That’s really important when you take large groups of school off campus (ie swimming or sports carnivals or museums or local art installations). It also means that anyone who should not be on the on the school grounds is easy to pick out. The uniforms also make it easy to identify and report students skipping school.

    • bedrock30_ says:

      You could always just make them slap a bright yellow sticker on their shirt with their name or the school’s name on it

    • Hawklegs says:

      When we had school field trips, they’d give everyone the same t-shirt to wear

    • Natsu714 says:

      Solution: Give every student a jersey or something to slip over their shirts, or give everyone a brightly colored hats. 😛

    • ShadoeLandman says:

      Are there really that many schools that can afford field trips? I was in school many years ago, and after grade school we didn’t have any school trips, and in grade school it was maybe once per year.

    • 🌙 Vampiric Whispers 🌙 says:

      My school never had uniforms and that literally never was a problem on field trips, no strangers trying to sneak in or anything (only issue was some students making asses out of themselves) so I don’t entirely understand that logic

  5. NeoVortex64 says:

    Honestly, the more this channel shows, the more I realize that this was possibly the best choice for a fourth channel. Im definitely excited for whats to come.

    • CreaperReaper says:

      @Adalia Gonzalez Conspiracy is almost an absolute synonym to theory lol.

      Conspiracy theory would just be a theory about a theory, but then it wouldn’t be a theory because it would simply be him relaying a theory.

      Confusing i know, but to put it simply he wouldn’t be making theories he would just be relaying them, which really isn’t all that fun lol.

      Plus what conspiracies would he try to theorize about? Ones that could get him in legal trouble? That sounds smart.

    • Adalia Gonzalez says:

      @CreaperReaper what about conspiracy theory

    • Adalia Gonzalez says:

      I was really wanting conspiracy theory

    • Plarfee says:

      Nope game theory is the best!!!

    • ً says:

      @JacobKingRobot too specific

  6. Rina says:

    I’ve been wearing uniforms since primary, I live in the UK so it’s expected but you can always tell the difference between who has money and who doesn’t. I really enjoyed this theory! Thank you for making your channels, Idk what I would have done without them, they help me understand a lot of different things!

  7. woshyyy says:

    As a student who studies in a school with uniforms, I can say: Yes. they do damage our self-esteem
    I met one of my friends by talking about how school uniform skirts suck. We aren’t allowed pants for when it’s cold and our shirt keeps coming up when we tuck them in. It’s very uncomfortable

    • Marcopolo 1254 says:

      how does it damage your self esteem btw? just curious
      and also its really weird how you arent allowed pants, in my school you were allowed them even it it wasnt cold

  8. Home Of The Gamer says:

    Another issue – uniforms are also sometimes made of synthetic fibre like nylon which does feel comfortable at all, because it doesn’t allow the skin to breath and does not absorb sweat, and they price it at like 700 bucks compared to normal clothes which do feel comfortable and are priced at 300 bucks (not in dollars but in our native currency)

  9. SPAC3 1NVAD3R says:

    I went to school in England with uniforms, and there was still teasing or bullying over uniform, specifically bags and more importantly, skirts. If you wore a skirt, it would be down to the ankles (or as my friends dubbed it: the nun skirt). To avoid the nun skirt, skirt-wearers would roll up the skirts at the waist, which often made them way too short and would also result in a punishment. Skirt wearers would get made fun of for both the nun skirt and the rolled up skirt.

  10. Morning Dusk says:

    Realistically, there’s also the factor that seeing someone else who has the same style as you or has merch from a fandom you like makes it easier to make friends, form bonds, and generally be more social. It’s a lot easier to judge if someone could be a potential friend if I see them wearing a Game Theory backpack or shirt, rather than a uniform.

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