Exclusive: Images of deserted Kabul airport hours after US withdrawal • FRANCE 24 English

Exclusive: Images of deserted Kabul airport hours after US withdrawal • FRANCE 24 English

On Tuesday morning, just hours after the final US troop withdrawal that ended America’s longest war, Kabul airport is at a standstill. After days of chaotic evacuations, the Taliban triumphantly marched onto the barren tarmac to mark their victory. FRANCE 24’s senior correspondent Cyril Payen, one of the rare foreign journalists still on the ground, reports from what he says is “no man’s land”.

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52 Responses

  1. Andrew Christie says:

    My friend was in the American army, assigned to train Afghan police officers. The beds in the police barracks were broken because the Afghan police recruits were raping so many young boys from the village. Most American soldiers knew that a democracy in Afghanistan was doomed to failure and corruption. Only the military industrial complex profited from America’s involvement. We must never allow it to happen again

    • Sonakshi Verma says:

      It’s called bachabaazi. It’s a tradition in Afghanistan and the Taliban are openly famous for doing the same

    • Rick Kirby says:

      That reprobate thing is a cornerstone to their whole deal. Forcing anal sex on another man or even boy is a show of force that they get off on. I always said, they can’t form a government because they are always so concerned with Hustler magazine and copulating. They are a messy, fugged up people. The woman do all the physical labor while the men run around grabbing each other’s junk. We wasted 20 years there and anybody who’s been there realizes 20 minutes is a waste of time dealing with these hormonal idiots who believe in genies and magic carpets and sh!t.

    • Samarqand says:

      US soldiers are no different. They supported the rapes

    • Aminul Hussain says:

      @sanjeeb chakravarty Those were crimes commited by a force the US created trained and supplied, so no, the US is in fact responsible for the crimes commited by the Afghan police forces and military.

    • Aminul Hussain says:

      @Diolline Branderson Bombing children is civilised?

  2. Loukman IBRAHIM says:

    If you feel useless, remember it took the united state 20 years, trillions of dollars and 4 US presidents to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.
    Keep on with peace ✌️

    • Golden State Freeway says:

      @Jay Dee 👍…sad but true!

    • David Baker says:

      A couple of strategically launched drones could destroy much.

    • Dr. Jones USA says:

      Make America , America again 🇺🇸

    • TheMLG Bambi says:

      No, there is a difference; with the 85$ billion of military hardware Biden gave to them it’s like they went from the Taliban T-800 to the Taliban T-3000 with advanced goat acquisition and targeting systems to… how should I put this… to “terminate” them.👳🏾‍♂️🍆🐐 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Tzu Xao'Shin says:

      @Loukman IBRAHIM Fool not Full, Bob Marley wasn’t a chef feeding people

  3. Profiler says:

    Yet most US mass media is not reporting the real extent of this shameful, embarrassing withdrawal. As “former” allies, we must be very careful in trusting the US again. The US has created the most dangerous situation for the Western world since WW2. On top of that, we will see an influx of hundreds of thousands of Afghani refugees in Europe claiming they have been of assistance to the Western allies, whether they are “friend or foe”. When will we ever learn?

    • Abubakar Mukhtar Yakasai says:

      @Arceus Thomas many people were just opportunistic, leveraging on the situation to move to Europe and America. By the way, the number of people who went to Kabul airport to leave the country do not make even 1% of the country. So, I just guest they are those folks who sold themselves the occupying force and now afraid of betraying their country.

    • Abubakar Mukhtar Yakasai says:

      @Fletcher Chad that’s the mistake you guise are making. You already preempt that people from middle east simply hate you without pondering over what you always do to them. I wonder who is the criminal here, committing war crimes always.

    • A.U.R.A says:


    • Fletcher Chad says:

      @Abubakar Mukhtar Yakasai most Americans didn’t want to be there in the first place let alone still be there 20 years later. But certain events dictate otherwise. As an American myself I would of rather seen the afghans fight for their freedom instead of cower to the taliban but that didn’t happen. So maybe those in power wanted this but id say most Americans did not want all the time spent there to end the same as when they got there 20 years ago.

    • Fletcher Chad says:

      @A.U.R.A I’m sure you do listen to everything the government sells you. I dont care about the thoughts of a sheep though so piss off.

  4. : Antypas says:

    This reporter is declaring an Islamic Emirate before the Taliban have had a chance to declare one. Very proactive.

  5. Peter Griffin says:

    This is a more peaceful transition of power than Biden replacing Trump 🤣

  6. William Abunado says:

    The US is awashed with war machines and munitions. Consider the 85B a generous donation.

    • TOMAS says:

      @Jonathan Hewett AH !!! Magical debt , I like that , I feel better now

    • ___ Loyd says:

      @TOMAS Biden made the correct call. You must be a Trump sycophant. #45 is the most incompetent , corrupt, evil president in the history of this country!!

    • Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer says:

      @bluntman305 Hello Dr Evil, too bad we don’t see sharks with lasers in their head in Afghanistan.

    • Jack Moore says:

      @Mary Pera which enemies? Call them out and we can go over there stay there as long as we want. Ask Germany how we did It, ask Japan how we did it, ask South Korea how we did it. It’s just that a primitive is a primitive regardless about how you trying to help. Now go and ask Japan how they feeling, ask South Korea how they feel, including Germany. You have never see the prospective about this Country call United States of 🇺🇸. Go and ask Iran, Russia, and China if they can pull this kind of Strategy warfare. Their economy will collapse in six months.

    • Stage Name says:

      No they did not!! They are flying around on our helicopters and the only stuff that was disabled was extra stuff. Not the stuff that was left in the warehouses

  7. Raman Kumar says:

    This reporter should show the picture of Airport not his face all the time.

  8. Mustafa says:

    “Taliban gave away Afghanistan to the USA for 20 years on lease. They built all the infrastructure and cities. India built roads and dams. Now Taliban are taking it back improved Afghanistan with no loans on constructions. Smart strategy”

    Not my comment, but I had to share it, I do have to add, they left some expensive gifts as well. That’s the best ROI possible.

  9. c# says:

    Afghanistan: Laundry machine of US tax money, from taxpayers to the arms companies. which country is next?

  10. Anthony Nyello says:

    Reporter: “Are you safe ?”
    Guy live at Airport: “Well, this is the key question. “

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