The Champions: Season 7, Episode 1

The Champions: Season 7, Episode 1

Change is in the air as football’s ageing superstars are all getting a mysterious recruiting pitch 👴

The Champions is back!

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43 Responses

  1. Marco Patricio says:

    It will not be the same without Messi and CR7 😭😭😭

  2. chair says:

    Not seeing Messi and Cr7 in the intro is literally heartbreaking

  3. Jonas BM says:

    As a Dortmund fan, I am not prepared for the way our bottle job is portrayed, but at the same time I can’t wait to see it. This series is hilarious, even when it hurts.

  4. Rohith Raman says:

    As a chelsea fan it’s quite a pleasant surprise to see us still in the champions even though we finished 12th 😂

  5. Abang Kampung says:

    After all these years.. It’s finally back.. What an amazing time to be alive

  6. Mimi sen says:

    Damn poor Neymar 😂
    I love how you kept Messi and Ronaldo in the series its not the same if they are not here

    • ashCKM says:

      Messi still played the whole season in Europe and Champions League, being one of the best players throghout the year so why he would not be here. And also WC was part of that season…

    • Nene Muy says:

      ⁠@ashCKMbecause he’s not in Europe anymore

  7. Emiliano Julio Silvestre Ortigas says:

    Volvió la mejor serie animada de fútbol de élite.


    Waiting impatiently for this kind of series gives me a childish side, I love it 😂

  9. Kinggrave says:

    This is the comeback we needed

  10. itsyoboy says:

    Even if this episode was just 5 minutes I am still happy that the champions are back

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