The FEVER DREAM that is Chica’s Party World

The FEVER DREAM that is Chica’s Party World

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Intro song: Glitching Through the Sky – William Benckerk

#fnaf #spiff #glitch

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46 Responses

  1. Pun_Based_Alias says:

    It’s great to see developers taking inspiration from Security Breach AI

  2. Guys says:

    The full stream was a massive mindfuck, I’m so glad you made a video on it.

    • TheCheezwiz1 says:

      agreed, shame we didn’t get the whole group of fan games in this vid as I really liked the running gag with the mr. crabs donations but tbf this game alone deserved its own video

    • xWitherRøsedx says:

      I felt high watching that thing lol

    • sIyceth says:

      It’s like my portal maps, source engine really allows you to do high things

  3. Oscar Currie says:

    Trying to avoid ToTK spoilers while being a Spiff fan is hard, so having a new FNAF Fangame video to keep me sane until I finish Zelda is much appreciated

  4. Orange Tree says:

    This game feels like a massive asset flip. I dunno anything about its development, but I’m feeling ready to bet a tenner devs just bought completed models or paid some freelancer to make those, and got physics off of store, then filled gaps with whatever they could make up in their lap.

  5. ARDIZ says:

    As an artist, the 3D in this hops from really nice quality to shitty GMod, and the 2D is unironically the embodiment of the “graphic design is my passion” meme.

    It’s a VERY interesting blend of amazing quality and “my 8 year old sibling made this in 5 minutes.” I’m not sure if this makes it better or worse, but it sure as hell makes it more entertaining. I’m not a programmer, so I can’t say much on the actual gameplay, but MAN does this look scuffed as hell at a lot of points. It’s clear to me that this developer has potential, but maaaybe this game needed a bit more time in the oven.

    • unium says:

      i am pretty sure that most of the models are stolen from 3rd party websites. the only good looking area, the cargo/factory thing which looked like really good (at near 21:00), was just stolen from an asset kit.

    • unium says:

      you can basically tell it is mostly stolen assets because most assets don’t fit with each other. another example is the mini-games. like look at the one in which you are in a desert with a gun. none of the assets there fit.

      edit : honestly, if people just asset flip, it’s fine to a point. like if you do it for a few games and then start making your own art, models, etc. then it is fine. but i have played this guys games for quite a while and they all feel the exact same quality, if not worse. this game even has misspellings of very easy-to-spell words.

    • TheMegax Plus says:

      ​@unium not necessarily stolen, they could have been bought from the Unity store.

    • unium says:

      @TheMegax Plus pretty sure this game is made in unreal engine

    • ARDIZ says:

      @unium Yeah, I can all but guarantee that a large portion of these models/textures are stolen or gotten through asset packs/people uploading free to use models, I just didn’t want to outright call it out in my comment.

      Pretty much all of the characters save for the MC at the end and I guess the giant caterpillar thing look like they were downloaded from some of those DeviantArt pages that reupload MMD ports of the models (and judging by how the MC looks, that probably isn’t too far off).

      I guess it’s fine to a point since this seems like either a kid or just someone inexperienced, and he said in the thing Spiff read that this is all really just for fun. That said, I think that people should put some level of effort and creativity into their projects so they can make something they’re proud of.

  6. Furret says:

    Honestly speaking anything Spiff plays turns into a fever dream with enough time

  7. Anthony Aiello says:

    You can tell it’s gonna be scuffed when a non-VR game boots SteamVR on startup.

  8. myalt account says:

    The scary part isn’t how intimidating the animatronics are (they really aren’t) it’s how unpredictable they are. Just vibin, docile, then they just break into a sprint directly toward you.

  9. FlameBoy says:

    All those blur effects are hitting harder then the pills. Props to you Spiff for not getting a hangover level headache.

  10. narcosocks says:

    in every fnaf thing, chica oriented games always makes me feel like i’m on drugs

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