Psychology FACTS on TikTok

Psychology FACTS on TikTok

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55 Responses

  1. Claire Cosio says:

    we always talk about “psychology facts” but never “psychology opinions” 😔

  2. Zara J Day says:

    As a psychology major, it drives me crazy how much pop-psych has poisoned most people’s concept of how the human mind works. It seems anyone can make up a new difference between men and women, or how to tell if your crush likes you, and people will spread it around like influenza. Actual psychology is so fascinating that I struggle to see why people need to make up things to talk about.

    • Meowbahh says:

      The human mind works like a charm too bad you’re using its power on Chad Chad. Life is composed of food,sleep, entertainment, and goals.

    • Ethan Grant says:

      ​@Meowbahh that was near entirely incoherent

    • AG says:

      Thanks for highlighting these two terms “PSYCHOLOGY” and “POP PSYCHOLOGY” as people’ tend to conflate the two
      Especially Gen Z thinks that Pop psych is actually psychology and totally remain oblivious to the fact that Pop psych is just another branch or field of study in Psychology .

    • Vava says:

      Actual psychology is sometime absolutely unscientific and rubbish since a. we don’t really understand what happens in people’s head and b. a lot of psychologists sells pop psychology. So it’s extremely easy to understand why people are so interested by pop psychology since it always has been a thing, even in the actual discipline.

    • _o says:

      ​@Vava 🤡

  3. Elizabeth Tangora says:

    “Be careful when you’re using this because it is DARK PSYCHOLOGY” I love that you can just turn a whole field of study into black magic by calling it ‘dark’. Watch out for my TikToks on dark geology guys, it’s just me chucking rocks at people.

  4. BigFanOfManyThings says:

    As a ‘female’, I can confirm that we will indeed fall in love with anyone who constantly speaks in sarcasm, because if overused, it never loses its humour and in no way appears like they think we are stupid 👍🏼

    • Joelle says:

      I actually hate sarcasm. it’s so annoying just be sincere

    • Jared H says:

      Oh wow, you’re SOOO smart for noting this.
      *prepares to no longer be single*

    • The Quiet Kid says:

      Yeah! Once, I had a male creature sarcastically say my dog was hanging out indoors when I saw that he got ran over by a car! I had never felt so attracted before!

    • 1-800-DryWater says:

      If a man talks to me sarcastically I have no choice but to just break up with my girlfriend and become straight
      Like its just so attractive when a man talks to me like I have the mentality of a bag of rocks

    • ArcheryMidnight says:

      Oh really, that’s super interesting

  5. Ellis Brehme says:

    As an incoming psych major who wants to be a psychologist for a living, the concept of “dark psychology” is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. It reminds me of the dark academia aesthetic and dark magic, which must be what they’re connecting it to.

    Also, the dark psychology hot and cold girl was also in Drew Gooden’s video about getting taller. I think she spreads a lot of false information.

    • Shuur Monsters says:

      as an occultist it was the dark magic connection i linked to first. especially surrounding the concepts of like forcing people to fall in love with you.

      baby witches grow out of that stuff as they learn how magic actually works.

      is it similar with psychology and intellectualism?

    • Sours says:

      @Shuur Monsters I thought about dark magic too. I don’t do anything occult-y but it definitely gave me the same vibes as those black magic tiktoks

    • ZZZ says:

      People dont Iike her she got into a huge online mess and is one of the most hated tiktokers

    • freudiannipslip 🇺🇦 says:

      @ZZZ what happened with her?

  6. SamaChaos says:

    So I’m a real life therapist (licensed and everything) and also a very online younger millennial. The landscape of mental health and psychology discourse online is so interesting. Like, yes, anxiety is a lot more normalized now. Fantastic. People are more aware of neurodivergence. Great. But also not everyone you meet has borderline or narcissistic personality disorder and not everything is directly explainable by a psychology “fact”. Like the only thing that’s true about people is that nothing is universally true.

    • natkatmac says:

      It’s people who have no idea what the DSM is explaining to other people who also have no idea what the DSM is how to diagnose a complete stranger based off one manufactured interaction.

    • Kjara Kravik says:

      I started studying psychology two tears ago and the most frustrating part about it was having to learn about all these older renowned psychologists coming up with their theories and acting like they were universally true

    • The Quiet Kid says:

      “Like the only thing that’s true about people is that nothing is universally true.”


    • waLKANOTHER says:

      As someone with diagnosed BPD but doing a lot better these days, it’s gross to see how crucified people with it are. It’s one of the most emotionally torturous disorders and although there’s plenty of people who don’t get help and let it ruin their and others lives, there’s lots of us doing work to get help and be better people and control emotions better.

  7. Phos Padparadscha says:

    Calling people “females” or “males” is incredibly embarrassing behavior

  8. Bookmouse says:

    I love how the “dark psychology” bros are just an update to the thinking of “insert gifts, receive sex;” that we’re just robots that just need to be hacked correctly to reliable dispense The Sex.

  9. claire says:

    My psych professor told us that “everyone is a psychologist, because we all see behavior being performed daily and can make inferences based on our experience. What separates the psychologist from the researcher is the mitigation of biases and putting aside that personal experience to evaluate and test a phenomenon.”

    • JhericFury says:

      “The difference between science and fucking around is writing it down” to quote one of the myth busters

    • Meowbahh says:

      The difference is they are getting paid meow 😺 I skipped the whole Chad Chad video

    • mookie monster says:

      I don’t remember if my professor said anything similar, but he DID say that if you suck your thumb as a baby you’ll grow up to become anal retentive, so… I dropped my psych major and became a poet because what the fuck.

    • Professionally Correct says:

      They really said that?? HUGE red flag.

    • Erin S says:

      I would also argue that education is important, more important really.

  10. Beardiemom says:

    There’s something that *really* freaks me out about those “dark psychology” videos: Half of them look like an abuser’s handbook and I’ve had a friend that definitely did that cycle of validation before pulling away to me. And it pains me to admit that it worked until he went after my partner.

    • The Quiet Kid says:

      I’m sorry that happened to you, and you’re right. They’re just adults teaching minors (mostly teenagers) that it’s okay to manipulate and abuse someone, and giving step-by-steps on how to do so.

    • Peter Yeeterson says:

      Yeah, those videos are literally just “how to abuse the person you’re romantically attracted to”. Great thing to show teenagers, who as an age group already lack empathy because their brains aren’t fully developed yet.

    • Elliott McPeek says:

      I’m so sorry you went through that. I completely agree though, that’s basically exactly what it is if not just manipulation. So gross how that blonde person is presenting it like some cute informative video

    • Gin ny says:

      What did you do then? I recommend kicking people out of one’s life that do that. If someone makes you feel bad, let them go and look for better friends. I wouldn’t stay in a work evironment either, where they use this shit – find a better place if you can.

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