The Madden Legacy

The Madden Legacy

He’s in the game.

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  1. Doofus says:

    Oh boy i can’t wait to hear what Dunkey has to say about my favorite game Madden ‘08

  2. Jordan Layton says:

    The Madden 2002 song has been stuck in my head for over 2 decades. Thank you for freeing me, dunkey.

  3. Joshua James says:

    Thank you John Madden for inventing Football AND Video Games. Truly a legend.

  4. Whoisthis says:

    Fun fact: Madden was one of the first games developed by Electronic Arts but took years to release due to Madden’s perfectionism.

    • Fenn Glordd says:

      Was it firster than Hard Hat Mack? As far back as that? And years until it wasn’t whack? Enough to release? Enough to totally please? Until it wasn’t cheese?

    • Senor_Gago says:

      it was also the first horror game to feature a jumpscare, inspiring future franchises like five nights and freddies and the scary maze game

    • Egg Legg says:

      Fun fact: John Madden held EA developers at gunpoint until they developed the game exactly the way he wanted. Harrowing accounts from former developers say that Madden wouldn’t let them consume any food or drink other than Mountain Dew for days on end and just kept telling them to “make it like football”

    • Whoisthis says:

      @Fenn Glordd It was actually, took over 4 years to develop the first version of the game.

    • Leto 0 says:

      Yeah EA was actually founded to make football games. The founder had a pen and paper sports game and wanted computers to do the calculations so that non-nerds would play. The name “Electronic Arts” also used to carry meaning, back when the company had a soul

  5. Viper Bags says:

    It’s good to see Dunkey finally featuring more turn-based RPGs on his channel.

  6. Connor Moriarty says:

    Love how this started as a rich overview of a beloved franchise, then morphed into a deep analysis of early 21st century music. Dunkey truly can do it all

  7. last nerd says:

    yet another dunkey video to watch. hell yeah brother

  8. Majezfeld18 says:

    The theme from Madden 93 is legit a banger. I won’t lie, I’m sad that Dunkey didn’t mention the jumpscare opening of John Madden Football for the Apple II.

  9. Robin Clower says:

    I got Madden ’04 for PS2 on Christmas while we were visiting relatives out of town. Because we were using an unfamiliar TV setup, we didn’t know what input you needed to be on to get to the PS2. We scrolled through all of the inputs and channels multiple times until we noticed that channel 99 had football on Christmas day. We probably scrolled past the channel 3 or 4 times and didn’t realize it was a video game because of how realistic the graphics were. In 2004 lol.

  10. Daily Dose Of Internet says:

    Madden 2005 was the best one

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