The hooper that ruins every highlight be like…🤣

The hooper that ruins every highlight be like…🤣

That one hooper that just ruins everyone’s highlights in a basketball game and just ruins the fun.

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21 Responses

  1. MJR2 says:

    Bro another banger

  2. Simone Ferrione says:

    Man got them Ja Morant genes 💯💯

  3. ChrisFSP says:

    Feels but I don’t get mad. I still feel good about it.

  4. Kid2kgoat says:

    Someone ate the top of the back board 🤣

  5. ShamanSZN says:

    He actually sold the getting crossed in the beginning so well.

  6. Troy Rosenberg says:

    “I won’t sell”

    Continues to sell

  7. Andrew Baxter says:

    Someone invited the Chomper from mariokart to hoop, chain nets and backboard lookin munched 😂

  8. Moses Rodriguez says:

    The “iso iso!” Then the ball gets immediately stolen got me laughing so hard 🤣

  9. That one bespin guard who died #3 says:

    When you were in the youth league, playing with the coaches kid is a nightmare 💀

  10. YungBean says:

    This reminds me of that clip of the guy breaking everyone’s ankles and passing the ball to his open teammate for the three and airballing it.

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