The Lore of Elden Ring’s Cosmic Sorcerers

The Lore of Elden Ring’s Cosmic Sorcerers

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00:00 Long Ago…
00:53 The Power of the Night Sky
04:05 The Founding Rain of Stars
07:34 The Institution of Raya Lucaria
12:59 The Conspectus of Raya Lucaria
25:12 The Horrors of the Night Sky
33:06 The Dawn of a New Day

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47 Responses

  1. Dr. Veronica says:

    I always felt like the reason the sorcerors of the Academy “sneered” at Thops’ theory of his barrier could pretty much be summed up with your explanation of magic “letting them throw rocks at each other and it was a big hit with everyone”. It always really stuck out to me that the vasy majority of sorcery is pretty much another take on “magic used to hurt people”, and the description of Thops’ barrier being sneered at made me feel like they were looking down on it simply because it was an idea for a sorcery that didn’t follow the same path of “deadly magic shooty beam” and was instead based solely around the idea of protection. It would also explain why it was worthy of a new Conspectus of the Academy, because it would be a new school of magic focused on protecting the caster rather than hurting somebody else.

    • SophiaLilithUwU says:

      @Hat Trick terra magica fundamentally is just a “shoot magic beam better” kind of spell, though.

    • Michael P says:

      @Dr. Veronica or with books

    • Raging says:


    • Gongo The Mongolord says:

      @Dr. Veronica this makes sense. Intelligence is not used just for Glintstone magic, but also for Death sorceries on some level (they need a lot of faith) and the fundamental incantations of the Golden Order, in particular Causality and regress which are just intelligence based. it seems the more intelligence you have, the more you understand the inner workings of the Elden Ring world, from the effects of the Primeval Current, to the original forces of life and death, to the thought process of the Greater Will (Causality and regress). it is basically insight.

    • Gongo The Mongolord says:

      Also it has the same characteristics of the Dark Moon spell of nulling magic thrown at it. So the concept of nullifying all form of magic, including incantations, is pretty revolutionary, and dangerous for all factions in Elden Ring.

  2. VaatiVidya says:

    Thank you for watching! I wish I had time to talk about the Town of Sellia, the Onyx/Alabster Lords, Hex sorceries, and the “golden” amber of the cosmos..but if I did, the video might become a bit too long and unwieldy. So these things will come up in future videos.

    Happy new year all, also. All the best

    • Shane Baird says:

      Do it! Some of us work long nightshift hours and love the longform videos

    • RedWolfAssassin says:

      This video was amazing now I know more about the cosmos in the game thank you and keep up the amazing work you and everyone that you partner up with.

    • Pebbles says:

      when can I expect the second wave of soul arts to come out?

    • Based says:

      Hey Vaati, if you’re a fan of reading, I’d like to recommend a novel called Lord of the Mysteries. It’s very Bloodborne-esque and I just think that it would be something that you’d enjoy. Hope you’re having a good day 👏

    • Cesar Posada says:

      I’m not sure if you have ever talked about the fact that the eye of the fell fire God can be found in the Devine towers

  3. Marlutte Yestrelt says:

    “Or, put another way, they formulate spells that let them throw giant rocks at each other, and it was a huge hit with everyone”. The true craving to transcend our evolution comes from the passion to fulfill our most primitive desire to hurl rocks at each other, only changing the method. Its comical but its actually a fascinating idea implication considering how real human evolution of throwable weapons from hunting tools progressively became more complex.

  4. RetroVoider says:

    I love how you can feel the passion of creativity in Vaati’s videos

    Especially at 0:41 with that camera turn

  5. DifficultGamerz [Funny Gaming Moments] says:

    Magic coming from the galaxy basically is so cool. It makes you wonder what kind of wacky shit might be out there in Elden Ring Space.

  6. Looming Moon says:

    I always found Bloodborne unbelievably evocative due to the references to the cosmos, and the elusive nature of it, and I’m so glad Elden Ring trod similar ground once again; trying to imagine and comprehend the universe in Elden Ring whilst playing relative to the size of the Lands Between is some of the most awe inspired I’ve ever been in any piece of media

    • Looming Moon says:

      @Lee That’s an interesting theory; my personal theory was that the warring Demigods and The Shattering acted as a parallel to some kind of abstract, intergalactic war that was occurring out in the cosmos between these Outer Gods

    • Lee says:

      I still want to know what the “Lands Between” is exactly and why so many alien lifeforms/cosmic entities are so obsessed with it. Could the Lands Between be a certain plane between life and death, or earth and space?

  7. Aiden McLaughlin says:

    Sorcery is so much better in this game than dark souls just because it’s freakin space magic

    • Cyrus Muller says:

      @Zack Hicks first off dark bead second off magic has always been really powerful and I’ve played duels in elden ring where the whole match was just dragon breath or comet spam over and over nothing else

    • Bimby says:

      @Andrew  wrong. Im tried of people claiming that subjective preferences are universal truths. This has nothing to do with math. You can’t seriously be telling me that “liking” elden ring more than dark souls isn’t subjective. That is lunacy. This is the last time I’m commenting that on this thread. Like what you like, that’s the beauty of individualism. But don’t shove your cultural preferences/interests down peoples throat while claiming it’s the superior thing

    • Mozzie says:

      @Andrew me.

    • Zack Hicks says:

      @Cyrus Muller I genuinely don’t believe you’ve ever played Dark Souls. The magic is incredibly weak for the most part. Also, it’s not “spamming” if you’re literally just in combat with someone. There’s no rules to combat

    • Andrew says:

      @D no, some things are objective. people are just too stupid and/or stubborn to admit things.

  8. Sephi D says:

    The primeval sorceries kind of remind me of magic in Fate franchise. Every mage studies his own field, and upon (supposedly) achieving the very top of their respective field (not just becoming best at it but deeply understanding the basics of magic system itself through theirs), they unearth an old ancient true magic, which is achieved by them glimpsing in the root of everything at the very moment they “get” it. After they do so, they usually disappear from the word, either literally or just transcending realities, with their fate being usually unknown. That particular magic and path to the root also becomes inaccessible for others. It has only been achieved i believe 5 times in Type-moon(fate) universe, and the magics that are known deal with space and time and parallel dimensions, the very foundations of worlds.

    • Sephi D says:

      @FeelsKnight I think Fate Heaven’s Feel touches on that, at least for second and third magic, so look there. But i believe most of this info is from Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, which hasn’t been adapted yet. The concept of mages and how and why they do things also gets explored in Zero with Kiritsugu’s father and in El-melloi case files. Kara no kyoukai is heavily focused on the Root and has an episode/movie that shows the lengths mages will go for to achieve it. IIRC Rin does explain mages to shiro in UBW, but it’s barely touched upon in the anime.

    • FeelsKnight says:

      off the top of your head do you think it’s been mentioned in stay night or zero anime? that’s the extent of my exposure to fate and I’m wondering if I missed this concept because I love it so much

  9. Smilomaniac says:

    I love the Avian Marionettes. Nothing in the game has made me laugh as hard as when their wings ‘malfunction’ and they spiral out of control.

    • Snazzy Jovial Wyrm says:

      @Smilomaniac It’s any attack that’ll cause the malfunction to do it, and all of the marionette soldiers do it They’ll start flailing their limbs around like crazy and then fall to the ground, being stunned for a second or two.

    • Dragonboy 461 says:

      @Laino001 yeah they flail around on the ground, which can stunlock you. Really funny at the start and really annoying later 😅😂

    • Jack Reacher says:

      @Laino001 All the marionettes do this when you hit them without killing them

    • Smilomaniac says:

      @Laino001 The machinery will loudly malfunction and the wings start to jerk around, then it’ll go into this wild spin.
      It’s a pretty vicious attack, I think it’s triggered by it having low health or suffering a heavy attack.

    • Laino001 says:

      wait, that can happen? I dont think I ever noticed. That sounds funny as hell

  10. John McCarrick says:

    Excellent job again Vaati! It’s interesting how much deep seeded lore there is in this game, that’s not just explicitly Erd Tree/Elden Ring related. It feels like the sorcery of the Lands Between could’ve been it’s own entire game with how much content and lore there is around it

    • Nemo Error says:

      The game has so many things that are cohesive and complete that it feels like of it were another company they would have made them DLC. Like the entirety of Ranni’s quest which would include the entire underground section could have easily been a DLC. Even Caelid could have, or the Haligtree. This game is so complete

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