The Mercedes dealer wanted $2000 to service my SLR McLaren and SLS AMG (We did it for $200)

The Mercedes dealer wanted $2000 to service my SLR McLaren and SLS AMG (We did it for $200)

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41 Responses

  1. David Knight says:

    You’re very fortunate to have such good repair and servicing resources nearby w/Ninja and Wizard.

  2. Andy S 1970 says:

    10 days without a Hoovie video, was starting to worry!

  3. JD Keser says:

    Hoovie you look much less stressed out––take care and keep your sense of humor

  4. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The SLR is such a beautiful car . I’m not a big fan a Mercedes, but that car is just amazing .

  5. eag 8999 says:

    The fact that I just watched an oil change video in full for cars I don’t plan on owning has to say something about me or Hoovie.

  6. Saavik L says:

    Have missed you Hoovie, glad to see you having fun with your cars again 🙂 Hope things are going OK.

  7. Ig Love Cars says:

    Even in 2023 the SLR looks timeless, it’s simply beautiful.

    • M S says:

      It certainly doesn’t look timeless, but it doesn’t look bad or terribly dated.

    • Muskoka Mike says:

      that’s the measure of a good design…BUT, to be honest, Jeremy Clarkson is correct: the plastics on the dash do look a little cheap….if I was one of those guys where money was no object, I’d be tempted to remove them, send them out and have castings made out of billet aluminum. I was doing aluminum castings as a hobby for a while there, it’s really not that difficult. You could literally use the plastic one to make a mold from, then cast and polish it. One of the big issues you’d have to address is shrinkage. When aluminum cools it shrinks. Someone restoring a supermarine spitfire asked me to cast some hard to find parts for him but I shied away because I didn’t want to get into the shrinkage issue.

    • buttface says:

      mercedes makes overpriced garbage.

    • Sam Adamson says:

      ​@M S nothing looks truly timeless, there’s just cars that still look good and cars that looked good when new but look shit now

    • jeb419 says:

      @buttface I do have to agree. It hasn’t really had that quality feel for quite some time.

  8. edwoll77 says:

    Congratulations on making Mrs Wizard’s early retirement dreams come true!

    • Bas BlasterXP says:

      Only for a week or two

    • Reed McGinn says:

      So funny 😂

    • Jalexp says:

      And Mrs Hoovies 😂

    • Lettuce Carrots says:

      @Jalexp Yep, she’s probably going to be headed back to Vietnam with 💰💰💰💰💰 very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised at all If she leaves their daughter along with the infant boy (who rumor has it might not even be Hoovie’s kid) with him when she goes home to her country forever.

    • Michael Savage says:

      @Lettuce Carrots Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t post rude and wild assumptions like this? Guy has dedicated his life to giving us content for years. Give him a break and find something in your life to care about more than some YouTubers personal issues.

  9. Tim Miller says:

    Welcome back Tyler. Sorry for what you’re going through.

  10. Christopher Kraft says:

    Hey Tyler, it’s so good to see a new video from you!!! I hope that you are getting through your rough patch, just remember, you will be stronger & wiser once all is said & done!!! You’ve got tons of people who care about you & support you!!! 👍👍🙂

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