ESTATE SALE Cadillac EFI V8-6-4 | Will it RUN AND DRIVE 500 miles after 12 years?

ESTATE SALE Cadillac EFI V8-6-4 | Will it RUN AND DRIVE 500 miles after 12 years?

I bought this 1981 Cadillac Sight Unseen from a Estate Sale. I was told it ran when parked 12 years ago, but we quickly found out that wasn’t the case! Watch me battle this one year only Modulated Displacement TBI 6.0L Cadillac!


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26 Responses

  1. @wesleydolen9180 says:

    I worked for Cadillac as a district service manager when that car was introduced. In pre-release service meetings, it was well-known from the very beginning, that the 8/6/4 was planned to be a one-year-only engine. The big problem was the early Delco electronics. The MAP sensor was calibrated with too-close tolerances. If the engine hic-upped (backfired) it would shut down. There was no repair except to replace the MAP sensor. The bigger problem was replacement stock was the exact same part, and it took GM a while before an updated unit could be supplied. Dealers would disconnect the 8/6/4 feature, running it as an 8cyl only. The press had a field day. I inspected a limo in West Palm Beach, Florida, that the owner wanted all the interior chrome replaced. Someone had discharged a tear gas device inside the car that caused the damage ( the interior chrome pieces came from different suppliers, so it was impossible for all of it to be defective) and I denied the claim. It turned out the limo was owned by the owner of the newspaper ‘The National Inquirer” (famous for stories like ‘I got pregnant by an alien, etc.) They went on a HUGE hate campaign, smearing the vehicle, which only threw fuel on the fire. Those were tough times to be a Cadillac District Service manager.

  2. @klauswassermann8054 says:

    The Cadillac of despair. What a test of wits and perseverance. I felt for you through all of it while still bursting into laughter a number of times. What an extraordinary episode, thanks Derek for actually putting this one out 🙂

    • @LynxStarAuto says:

      I lost my shit when the drum flew off. Especially since it dodged the tripod scurried right between the legs before hitting the work bench 😂😂😂

    • @gkitchens1 says:

      Man I’m telling you I was actually gritting my teeth while he was trying to get the exhaust ripped out. I miss being able to do this stuff 🙁

    • @gordeymixer5494 says:

      😂😂😂😂the exhaust and the drum flying off.. this episode is my personal favorite now 😂😂

  3. @leebarker539 says:

    In no way am I, the viewer, disappointed that the CattleRack did not make the cross-country equivalent of the Brickyard 500. The real benefit here is being inside Derek’s marvelous mind as he observes, processes, analyzes, tries something, then repeats; perseveres past most folks’ finish line. It’s a lesson as large as life and it just happens to be delivered in the presence of an automobile.

  4. @Ethan-ky3dt says:

    As an owner of a similar vintage of one of these beautiful machines let me just say I feel bad for the struggle Derik was going through — not just the fuel, but everything else too — that said, it also made me feel so good to know it’s not just me feeling like I’m pushing a 500lb rock up a hill working on these, I AM NOT ALONE! 😂

  5. @nickfarmer88 says:

    This man has come a VERY long way since his early days on youtube. Its awesome to see his channel grow from building super budget 350 Small blocks to working out of the O’Reilly hq garage and that Roadworthy show. Congrats to him!

  6. @mktward says:

    Once again Derek delivers another home run! Don’t matter that the car didn’t make all the way around the bases….what counts is that Derek’s attitude and his never give up rubs off on the viewers! Makes me a lot less frustrated when I’m working on my own junk and want to bring the tannerite….to just keep it cool and let it set for another day.

  7. @reavisstockard2994 says:

    As a 35 year mechanic I want to say that I admire Derek for messing with that aggravating thing. RESPECT!

  8. @nicksutliff5533 says:

    Not that I didn’t want you to be successful and drive this thing all the way home, I also appreciate that it doesn’t always go the way we hope in the time that we have. That car is in such good shape that I think you rip everything out that you need to, to put something reliable that you know and love in it. Put it back on the road!! 😊

  9. @user-ko5jb1ue9t says:

    1) Put a timing light on it and point it at the TBI to check the spray pattern. Check it when cranking rich as well as running to see if you notice any change.
    2) Use an oscilloscope to troubleshoot. Put one channel on one injector. Put the other channel on different inputs at the computer. (must use a wiring diagram) You will be able to find what is changing and making it go rich.
    3) Check the grounds. Including the grounded pins on the computer.
    The oxygen sensor will never make that large of different in fuel delivery – a car without the O2 will run rich but not hydrolock rich. Cars will run well in open loop without using the O2 sensor. Only MAP/MAF or TPS will cause it to dump fuel like that. My own guess would be corroded connections.
    You are very good all other aspects of cars. Buy and O-scope and become an expert with the electronics of the 80’s and early 90’s. You are bound to have more cars from this era.

  10. @mauricekinder2545 says:

    At the time the 5.7 liter (350) diesel was available, it was MUCH better. I put 289 000 miles on one, it was running when I sold it!
    If you are interested, the 5.7L can be fixed by just s few updates…

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