The TF2 Voice Actors Recreate Heavy is Dead

The TF2 Voice Actors Recreate Heavy is Dead

The Heavy is Dead??? No, the heavy is right here with the other mercs to recreate the iconic video by @Delak_Antoine ! And if you want to see more stuff like this in the future, grab a personalized autograph from the VA’s!

Also huge thanks to my friends who helped me with the videos on this trip!
@oristv (operated the camera during the shoot)
@PunishedGreene (controlled the sound recording and drove da truck)
@ArtCheddzy (cheddzy)
#tf2 #gaming #memes #teamfortress2 #valve

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38 Responses

  1. ShorK says:

    So glad you all enjoyed! It was a lot of fun to make for both me, my friends and the VA’s! again please go check out Delak! And also grab an autograph since theyre being signed live STARTING TOMORROW! Also for the bijillion trizillion people who will ask where scout and engie (nathan and grant) are ill write a quick thing underneath here, Anyway thank you all for the reason support!!

    Nathan is focusing on his 9-5 job and has left the internet world behind, he loves the community but is just moving on in life from that scene (he told me that he would always be there if valve asked them back tho)

    Grant is super busy and hard to get in contact with, and he did TF2 a long time ago as “just another job”, and the community should not harass him to come back to something he might not be interested.

    R.I.P Rick May & Colin Wyckoff ❤

  2. The Winglet says:

    The sound of medic kissing heavy on the forehead was just perfect

  3. AlexZander says:

    Man, Medic’s VA REALLY loves doing that voice. It’s so identical to the actual video.

  4. Angry Crow says:

    The fact that Delak literally come back for this, just to shoot and edit his masterpiece again for the VA’s are just….bringing tears to my eyes.

  5. Vailskibum says:

    Brooo I think we’re back in the TF2 golden age

  6. Rixlovania says:

    This made me realize again how tf2’s community humour would put each one of us in a psychiatric hospital some centuries ago, nowadays it’s pretty hard for me not to feel a bit embarrassed while they watch this 😂 I’m glad they understood it’s just random shit go!

    • Rixlovania says:

      Btw the video ended up being amazing feels so smooth with the actual voices, back in the day animators had to work with the voice lines that were in the game and It think that’s great part of why this humour was born, now with the real VAs feels like polishing to perfection this animations. CHEERS FOR THE GOOD JOB!!!

    • FreshTillDeath says:

      You know, as a YTP fan from 2008, I really do struggle with the fact that random humor and shitposting is a wide-spread thing now. Part of the appeal of YTP was, to child me anyway, that it was DEFINITELY something you didn’t really share with anyone else. As I’ve gotten way older and seeing it be everywhere now, I STILL wouldn’t dare bring it up with anyone else in the real world. 😂 TF2 has always worked well with the shitposting chaos, however. Probably because the actual game is complete chaos, and most players would be drawn to the kind of humor.

  7. WineOnToast says:

    1:38 I love how medics VA is so excited when he sees heavy. Then immediately frowns as soon as heavy dies.

  8. Weegeepie says:

    I love how spy says “off to hang…” lmao

  9. Obvious Cadillac says:

    The way Delak had to experiment with his original plot to create less brutal deaths gave us this beautiful version that might just be even funnier

    • Donovan Joseph says:

      I honestly don’t know which one is funnier: demoman going into orbit via recoil or twisting around to throw the gun in the most inefficient way possible

    • Alastor Moodyq says:

      The heavy being hit by a lamp was cherry on top of the medic’s VA smooch on his head.

    • Obvious Cadillac says:

      @Donovan Joseph Demoman aiming the revolver only to throw it afterwards is, at this point, like Rick Astley saying: “Never gonna… change the facts”

  10. Berd says:

    im glad they saved the spy-oh

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