The Vikings of TikTok

The Vikings of TikTok

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comment “viking balls are nasty” ur reading this


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35 Responses

  1. Kurtis Conner says:

    You can buy a ticket to the online premiere of my comedy special “Keep Busy” here:

  2. mausi says:

    as a fellow scandinavian, i am living proof that all vikings are shirtless vampires who jump off of cliffs with plastic axes in both hands

  3. Thea Södermark says:

    Being a Swede, seeing Americans trying to become Viking-furries… is something i actually expected. Nothing Americans do anymore surprises me.

  4. Enigma Drath says:

    One of these American vikings interned at a company I was working for in Oslo and it was both funny yet embarrassing watching him trying to “connect with his people” (i.e. confused office workers who’re just there to do a job, not plan a raid) by regaling them on his knowledge of vikings and telling them all about the viking-y stuff he did back home in Missouri. I myself am Dutch but since am black I guess he didn’t think I’d understand the nuanced complexity of viking culture, so with me he just talked talked video games.

  5. Secretly Gay says:

    12:42 Fun fact! Viking’s we’re obsessed with cleanliness and looking/smelling good. We have writings that show British women at the time were so into it that the church had to step in and tell Anglo-Saxon men to bathe more so muscular Scandinavians didn’t steal their women

    • iodized_salt says:

      Which documents?

    • Lothcats Killed the Sith says:

      @iodized_salt There are so may records of complaints form Anglo-Saxons due to their “exaggerated and unfair” attention to cleanliness and looks. For instance, John of Wallingford, circa 1220:” …according to their country’s customs – in the habit of combing their hair every day, to bathe every Saturday, to change their clothes frequently and to draw attention to themselves by means of many such frivolous whims. In this way, they sieged the married women’s virtue and persuaded the daughters of even noble men to become their mistresses.” Additionally, archeological digs in Scandinavia have found evidence of soap making much earlier than those in Britain. Nearly all viking graves have multiple combs and toothbrushes.

  6. jordan r. says:

    The way Kurtis overly enunciates “surface level” is peak character growth.

  7. Isabella says:

    my favourite part of this is that viking isn’t just a random group of people, it was literally a JOB. could you imagine people in the future just going “how to become a modern day accountant in three easy steps”

  8. Wolfie Kiki says:

    Being half Swedish, half Italian, I will now create a community of vikings plumbers.

  9. Uvlugiak says:

    No matter how buff they get, how long and full their beards grow, how gruff they speak, I cannot help but see these full grown adult men as little boys playing pretend lmao. Cosplay and renaissance fairs are one thing, but to base your entire personality and lifestyle off of a euphemistic caricature of mass murderer baddies is just so wild to me (Edited for typos)

  10. Gender Beholder says:

    Let’s start a petition to have Kurtis make “My Husband the Viking” an actual miniseries.

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