They Can’t Keep Getting Away With This

They Can’t Keep Getting Away With This

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39 Responses

  1. Marky says:

    That Skip take on 52-year-old MJ beating Prime Bron is crazy, literally crazy

  2. Jake Feingold says:

    Though I loved your stat breakdown for jokic, I would use points per 75 instead of ppg (same for rebounds and assists) and use relative TS% instead of absolute (especially when youre comparing across eras)

  3. Čađava Mehana ツ ♑ says:

    “The good old hot take, the necessary evil of the sports world”
    Always gives me chills

  4. Big Oz says:

    I appreciate you breaking down the difference between greatness and skill. I debate my friends about who is the greatest frequently and they dont seem to understand what I am saying. I use the tom brady aaron Rodgers example too often to describe legacy and greatness compared to skill at a position. Excellent video as usual

  5. akaCynicall says:

    Hey jimmy I hope you’re doing great I haven’t been the biggest basketball fan in a long time but I’m always excited to watch your videos as I think you put a lot of effort into them and I admire your thought process you’ll likely never see this but thank you and I wish you the best ❤️

  6. Jack Neel says:

    Lebron or MJ? Nah, jimmyyyyy = goat

  7. Tom says:

    The rebounds and assists comparison between LeBron and Kareem was not what I would have thought it would be. Kareem with way more rebounds, LeBron with way more assists.

  8. Lepton Particle says:

    Michael won 6 of his scoring titles on a championship team. Bron and many others can do it every tear, but forcing that would hurt the team.

    • meestaShin says:

      Any team that wins is considered a championship team. Bulls aren’t a championship team without MJ. Let’s be clear about that. Guess how many championships the Bulls had as a whole? Take a WIIIIIILD GUESS. lol

    • Sir. Müffin III says:

      If LeBron took 2-3 more shots a game that’s not hurting his team

    • sablecal says:

      If LeBron’s extra shots come from his 37% mid range jumper, then yes those shots are hurting his team.

    • Tellitlikeitisfresh ! says:

      Lebron cannot lead league in scoring because he doesn’t make enough free throws and or get to line enough

    • Lepton Particle says:

      @Sir. Müffin III Proof you have no ball knowledge, there are certain amount of posessions, you try to make the best play, and Bron moat of the time did make the best play. Imagine Bron forcing certain ahots at the end of the games instead of passing to the open man, especially with his bad clutch shooting. He might have not won a SINGLE ring by now if he gunned for the scoring title in his prime. In the entire NBA history other than Jordan, a scoring champ has won the title a combined 4 times, and all of them were before the NBA/ABA merger. Mike is the ONLY player in modern NBA history who won a ring as a scoring champ, and he did it 6 TIMES. There’s a reason for that.

  9. Christian Johnson says:

    These are probably the best takes I’ve seen in a high roller video. Definitely not bad enough for Jimmy to say: “that’s all the nonsense my brain can handle in one sitting””

  10. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    Like MJ said, Curry vs Magic is a close debate and Magic is ahead but Curry comes a close 2nd. People who say Curry had KD just don’t get it. Magic had Kareem. Every great player in every era has had greatest teammates of that era.

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