This Game Is Free

This Game Is Free

I found the best free game of the entire year.
All you have to do is protect your tree by growing a beautiful garden to stop the onslaught of weird little goo monsters. Naturally some rocket launchers will do that easily.

Merch –

Game: Grow Your Guarden

Music provided by:
(Epidemic Sound)

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24 Responses

  1. Cats and Games says:

    I love df always talks about very bad things in such a calm manner and he doesnt even change also this video felt pretty funny ngl it just felt so chaotic yet so calm which made ot fun

    • It said I could do fifty letters so here I go uhhh says:

      Like someone has commented I don’t know who Df could be killing someone and still be talking calmly.
      I also want to say DF has a soothing voice

    • Cats and Games says:

      @It said I could do fifty letters so here I go uhhh im confused but okay

    • Blazing Hel1s says:

      He say’s everything in a calm manner my man never gets out of his calm voice

  2. Kevin Karpovs says:

    This game is free? Man devs are really making games that we would enjoy. Thank the devs for this.

    • Devil says:

      lol.. have you never known Kongregate? or any other free online game website from the past? These games are as basic as can be, we had more complex free games 15 years ago. It’s crazy being 28 and seeing kids experience such a bad time in gaming.. we had it so good back in our teenage days.

    • Dark Knight says:

      @Devil the reason those websites arent made anymore is because games have evolved so much to the point where with a one time purchase you get hundreds of hours of top tier gameplay, add the fact that there are services like PS+ that give you dozens of triple A games for 10 bucks a month and it makes sense why these old adobe flash games are no longer successful

    • Rafahell Orsato says:

      It’s amazing, but I think that’s mainly because more and more people are groing weary of greedy cash-grabbing lazily and poorly made AAAs. The game market has become so saturated with COD-like shooters and battle royales and all that bullshit, it’s nice to see indie devs actually doing stuff for the people to enjoy!

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Hi DF. I LOVE this game. Its awesome. Very relaxing.

  4. r0ach.c0re says:

    Look at that goofy aah tree. Just vibing. Chilling, like hundreds of goo monsters *aren’t* trying to kill them 24/7.

  5. Unfathomable incantation says:

    Another relaxing ASMR calm chaos video thank you DF

  6. Cosmic Gaming says:

    This reminds me a lot of a flash game called bloom defender.
    It’s a tower defense game similar to bloons and the enemies and units in that look very similar

  7. Fake says:

    love your videos man, always make my day better whenever i see it pop up on my feed❤

  8. Car Jul says:

    DF is gardening!?!? A sparkling garden with killer plants. DF is definitely gardening.😂

  9. Cartoon Box says:

    Can we appreciate how they tried their best to make this amazing video for us

  10. Bua Duy says:

    New Plant vs Zombie looks good

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