This Ring Of Fire Jet Stream Will Cause Huge Storms…

This Ring Of Fire Jet Stream Will Cause Huge Storms…

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In this video we are talking about a series of huge storms occurring around the “ring of fire” jet stream over the next few days.

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29 Responses

  1. FishSki Gaming says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us updated ryan, we really appreciate it! Stay safe everyone!

  2. DirtIsBetter ThanDiamonds says:

    I am sooo thankful for our scheduled controlled burns in Florida! I used to hate them because of allergies to smoke but we don’t have these raging sweeping wildfires like other places. So scary! Stay safe out there everyone 🙏

    • JoePCool14 says:

      Canada should honestly be held responsible for all this. Scheduled burns are good things, they need to be done!

    • Christophe 3 says:

      @JoePCool14my apologies. The prime minister is running around the country with a Costco size box of matches here 🔥

    • First name Last name says:

      I’ve never been there but I wouldn’t expect a place like Florida to struggle with wildfires or even need controlled burns.

  3. Mrs. Alma Trumble says:

    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. We truly appreciate you and the Y’all team.

  4. Going Green Mom says:

    Prayers for everyone dealing with the fires in Canada!

    • Brian Maricle says:

      I fell in to a burning ring of fire I went down down down and the flames went higher and it burns burns burns the ring of fire the ring of fire 😂

    • SJam says:

      ​@brianmaricle9646 Lollllllllllllollll… good one!

    • SJam says:

      ​@brianmaricle9646 I remember last summer, there were videos on TicToc that were SO FREAKING funny about the heat!

  5. Cole Leonard says:

    We don’t want the smoke. But thanks Ryan for all you, the Y’all Squad, and Andy do. Hopefully we get some live streams soon.

    • micheal49 says:

      Here in southern Indiana, the smoke is bad enough that outside looks like a light fog. Needles to say, not altogether safe to be outside for long without protection.

    • Dottie says:

      ​@micheal49Down here in Kentucky the smoke is so bad it starts to bother your throat and eyes after being outside too long. It smells like there’s a fire close by. Yuck!

    • •Kat• says:

      @micheal49s!e wheee i live

  6. Leah J says:

    Since I started watching you I have a much better understanding of the weather and what to expect two or three days down the road. You really are a game changer. Thank you!!!

  7. Allison Hammond says:

    I appreciate all the time and effort that you and your team put in to keep people informed. Thank you!

  8. Minka Demko says:

    I’m a daily weather checker in East Texas, near Carthage. Your updates are greatly appreciated so the Piney Woods can be prepared for flooding, drought, tornadoes, ice and wind. I think your presentations are clear and thorough, and your speaking voice is easy to hear. (Don’t get a big head.) Thanks to all who are working with you to bring this important content.

  9. TRGTornado says:

    Thanks for the update as always Ryan! I am thankful for you and your team!

  10. GuessWhat says:

    I’m in northeastern WI and never experienced this much air pollution in my nearly 68 years on this planet.

    • Miri Am says:

      It’s created. And it isn’t just “smoke”. The smoke is just “smoke and mirrors” for what’s actually in the air. May God help us against the evil.

    • PrissyTomboy says:

      @TheMiriam333  What do you mean it’s created? I’m in NE Ohio, and it’s horrible. Its thick and smells like burning plastic

    • Finch Rollah says:

      You can thank the super great feminist women “firefighters” for that one.

    • Game SAH Sv86 says:

      ​@PrissyTomboy people like to doomed and bring politic into this, ofcourse we human and our garbages play a big roll in this but as far as thing go, we need to care about ourself first, take care.

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