TikTok’s “Sexiest” Wattpad Show

TikTok’s “Sexiest” Wattpad Show

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42 Responses

  1. Chad Chad says:

    Like the shirt? Get your own at https://shirtz.cool/chadchad and use code
    CHADCHAD for 10% off!

  2. Kurtis Conner says:

    we all have our differences but we can all agree that this is the first and only video about fated to my forbidden alpha 😂

  3. Blue Lemon says:

    Chad Chad and Kurtis being genderswaped versions of each other is such a vibe

  4. RJai500 says:

    I like how the story itself is written like some kind of medieval fantasy but then the characters use modern technology and eat kfc

    • Damien Earl says:

      And at one point, a guy who supposedly lives in a castle or high end mansion opens the front door and you can just see a regular suburban neighborhood outside

    • Me says:

      ​@Damien Earl and the hospital looked like a corridor in some suburban house 😅

  5. Kelsey Hartmann says:

    Chad chad being visibly frustrated while laying in bed while addressing fanfic is the most relatable thing ever

  6. Tortellini says:

    “i dont think he’s eaten either”
    “skill issue” had me crying of laughter

    • Penitent Exile says:

      The way she said it sounds like a one-liner from an 80s action movie hero before he shoots the villain sending them falling down the cliff.

  7. mommy_long_legs_ says:

    Them calling Selene an orphan constanly has the same energy as when Lele Pons would always remind us that she’s Latina 😂

  8. honey swan says:

    Chad Chad’s cat anticipating the “wolf” joke in pure disappointment SENT ME💀

  9. Alison Hurst says:

    chad, you are so brave for putting yourself through this just for us

  10. Guilherme Mota Pereira says:

    Chad, you forgor to mention that Seline is an orphan. I think it adds so much to the story and it don’t get mentioned enough in the show ☺️

    Edit: She’s not an orphan… 🤡

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