Tinder Nightmares 4

Tinder Nightmares 4

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38 Responses

  1. IamLegendAnon says:

    Lmao Kelsey was prepared to give more commentary on that last one despite everything 😂

  2. Keaton aka Kay says:

    Kelsey rubbing Cody’s back during his short kings rant was absolutely hilarious

  3. wet signal says:

    Pls do a series where people send pics of their fridge so Kelsey can analyze them.

  4. klepto saniac says:

    Kelsey is so right about being into guys who are good at their job and literally just helped you. One time on Tinder I told a guy I was having car troubles and it wouldn’t start, he literally drove to my house and fixed it. I was so turned on lmfao

    Edit: wow the upvotes! I love these comments! Men, please don’t ever feel bad for being good at your job, even if you think it’s lame to other people. It’s VERY attractive

  5. Vee R says:

    I have to agree with Kelsey on her fridge analysis.

  6. Patzy says:

    I can’t lie, the older Cody gets, the more he’s looking like a smoke show

  7. aly says:

    Ok.. i would actually watch a series of you guys digging deep into people’s lives based on pictures of their fridges lmao

  8. Shreyas says:

    Love how Kelsey has come from the days of not wanting to read Cody’s fanfiction to reading “hey i love guzzling cummies” with such enthusiasm

  9. Catherine Kutson says:

    kelsey was spot on with the fridge guy

  10. cur33 says:

    Kelsey starting to rub his back while he (justifiably) rants about the short king diss is the funniest subtle thing I’ve seen in a while 😂

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