Tommy Starts a War on the Origins SMP

Tommy Starts a War on the Origins SMP

The one where Ninja starts a religion

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Edited: @Zyphon

Music used:
Incompetech – Kevin Macleod

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45 Responses

  1. Spectrum Spectre says:

    I love when people hear Sneeg talk for the first time because they’re like “awww little baby man!” and this grown-ass adult goes “what the fuck are you lookin at?!” lmao

  2. Zyphon says:

    Ninjology™ isn’t just an ideology, it’s a lifestyle

  3. Obama’s goldfish says:

    The idea of Tommy’s origin being a “chicken” is both suiting and hilarious 💀

  4. Smug Bow Kid says:

    I love how Wilbur’s voice is always slightly different on Origins.

  5. Gamma Ikazune says:

    Everyone: “Aww, so cute! Technoblade is wearing a bunny outfit!”

    Techno: “Hey Phil, I managed to stop a massacre today”

    Philza: “Really? How?”

    Techno: “Self Control”

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    “Tell me you’re American, without telling me you’re American”


    • Starcycle says:

      Some part of me feels like I should try to justify it because of obligatoryness or something but honestly I can’t and it’s so true

    • SemIdeiaDeNome4 says:

      @Gremlin i don’t want to start a heated debate but communism and socialism sort of have the same symbol

    • Gremlin says:

      @SemIdeiaDeNome4 communism, but yeah

    • SemIdeiaDeNome4 says:

      that’s ironic because there’s the symbol of socialism right behind “FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM”

  7. Makatzaaa says:

    saw the title and was immediately like: “yeah, sounds like something tommy would do.”

  8. OwO says:

    Only Wilbur, only he wants to become a ghost more than once in Minecraft.

  9. Pineapple_Of_Doom says:

    This child’s capacity to create War is obliquely impressive

    Everyone: “Wow, the L’manburg war is finally over!”

    Tommy: *”Whoops, I done did it again-“*

  10. Buggy says:

    Tommy is the kinda person who would ask, “Is anyone gonna follow fantasy communism?” and not wait for an answer.

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