USMNT vs. Ghana | Highlights: October 17, 2023

USMNT vs. Ghana | Highlights: October 17, 2023

USMNT vs. Ghana | Highlights: October 17, 2023

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35 Responses

  1. Brian Markley says:

    What a clean turn by Balogun

  2. currentsy says:

    “He’s back, he’s blonde, and he has a brace” absolute gold

  3. Technicolor says:

    No Germany, but Ghana have always been close opponents so this blowout is cathartic in a way. Reyna scoring is lovely to see.

  4. Dripsonice says:

    That indirect was so cool great first half followed by an average second half seems to be a theme lately… although I will say I’m glad to see Gregg let some other guys get more minutes, finally putting together solid squads

  5. John Bertot says:

    This is by far the most talented USMNT and with Balogun up front truly have a striker now which we have not had in my lifetime

  6. Danylo says:

    Our starting XI is good. In real games we should keep it for the majority of the match and sub a few players as time goes on. Obviously since it’s friendlies they sub out a lot of players at once but good game from the first team players

    • Deathtraders says:

      Keep your starters for the majority of the match and sub in a few as time goes on, that’s literally how football works

    • Danylo says:

      @Deathtraders yeah but Greg is always subbing people off at halftime for some reason 😂

    • Jean Claude says:

      @Danyloright. From now till World Cup 2026 Gregg’s job is to find depth because in tournament you need depth. Wish Tillman wasn’t injured, and a healthy Tyler back so we can rotate, him, Musah or Wes in midfield. Johnny playing well is encouraging and our left back situation when Jedi is not available or can’t go the distance in every match.

    • CognizantCheddar says:

      Germany game proved that the first XI’s backline needs tweaking.

      Dest will always be a liability defensively and Richards shouldn’t be starting if he’s out of form bc he’s not getting club minutes. Dest may be better deployed as a backup winger and there’s too much depth at CB not to use it when Richards is out of form.

    • CognizantCheddar says:

      ​​@Danylo That’s the modus operandi for every team in friendlies, my guy.

      Their clubs don’t want these guys getting overworked or injured in these games.

  7. bluesky says:

    Dest was insane the entire game

  8. Eleni Derez says:

    Balogan goal was beautiful

  9. JayCFC says:

    Loved watching Gio Reyna out there. Great performance 🔥🔥

  10. T W O L U N A S says:

    Weah’s development has been great to witness. I still think he can be even better if he worked on his finishing a bit more. Dest has great potential too I hope PSV works out for him 🙏

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