Uvalde CISD chief stopped responding to investigators, DPS says

Uvalde CISD chief stopped responding to investigators, DPS says

While the Uvalde, Texas police department and local school district police have cooperated with state Department of Public Safety investigators into the massacre that killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school and the law enforcement response, the chief of the school police has not responded to a request for a follow-up interview. https://www.fox4news.com/news/uvalde-texas-police-reportedly-halt-cooperation-with-state-amid-criticism-of-response-to-school-shooting

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35 Responses

  1. McK McK says:

    All this shows is that NO ONE should speak to the cops without an attorney.

    • McK McK says:

      @ChristopherP. Hitchens I’d expect someone with a username Christopher Hitchens to be smarter than you.

      I’m not defending them. I’m saying that if a fellow police officer refuses to comply with the police than why should an ordinary citizen expect to get a fair shake?

    • ChristopherP. Hitchens says:

      Or with the public…who will likely find a way to do to him what his incompetence did to their children!

    • Memaw knows best says:

      @Dina Lopez You’re welcome

  2. ATLhawksfan!! says:

    Reporter: “They said they won’t talk to police.
    Citizen: “Who said that?
    Reporter: “The police.”
    Citizen: 😳😬

  3. m k says:

    They were exceptional teachers, evident by how many of the kiddos achieved honor roll. The children and teachers followed protocol like they were trained to do, the cops did not follow protocol. They failed these children, teachers and community. 40% of the city’s budget went towards police, for what? I hope they feel shame for the rest of their lives but the way they have tried to cover up, lie and avoid accountability tells me they are incapable of feeling shame.

  4. OBVV!7 says:

    Cops cowering from accountability, what’s new. The level of negligence in this situation is near unbelievable.

    • ZekeAndroid49 says:

      @E Randco I would have gone in to save those children without hesitation. Don’t try to put your cowardice and the pigs’ cowardice on other people.

    • gayle holmes says:

      Notice the police unions are now suddenly SILENT….GEE I WONDER WHY???

    • Occam3132 says:

      @E Randco how does boot leather taste? Rough? 🤣

    • Captain Mutato says:

      @E Randco are you really defending the actions of a bunch of cowards that let children die? Disgusting seeing anyone defend the police in this situation

  5. Grab521 says:

    It’s crazy how everyone has a camera and can now document how cowardly the police are. They’ve always been like this, we just got lucky and got it on tape. Rip to those children my heart breaks for their parents. I can’t imagine the parents trying to recover from this entirely preventable massacre.

  6. K N says:

    The chief doesn’t just need to step down. He needs to be forcefully removed from his position and charged with negligence.

    • xIAMxTHATxGUYx says:

      @Spike Thompson Yeah well the justice system is broken. Speaking of which, death penalty isn’t “extreme” its been practiced for thousands for years including today.

    • Susan Smith says:

      He was sworn into City Council today. 🙄

    • Spike Thompson says:

      @Unknown Deus he will end up being sued and will be bankrupt next year.

  7. Nanakanisurra says:

    This keeps getting more and more sickening as the coverup story evolves.

  8. TheCaptainmojo1973 says:

    Cowardice is something that cannot be “trained” out of a person. These children and their families paid the ultimate price for the failures of these highly paid, highly equipped, and highly trained cowards.

    • Jesse LeBlanc says:

      From all accounts there was a door to the school with easy access and many windows with easy access….this looks bad on any so called 1st response people ….is this the people you want to call when things get tough …..I don’t think so

    • gayle holmes says:

      THE WAY YOU REACT IN A INSTANCE, DETERMINES YOUR CHARATOR. HENCE, THESE MEN WERE INDEED COWARDS. I can’t even imagine hearing kids screaming for help and their lives, your right outside the door and you do nothing??????????And lets not forget, they had just had a training session 4 months prior to this shooting on what to do???? Un effin believable!! In my gut, knowing babies were being slaughtered, I would have made peace with God and did something, no way could I live with myself knowing I did NOTHING!!!

    • Ludo ToyHunter says:

      @Clyde Gray didn’t the Nazis use this “I was just following orders” excuse at the Nuremberg trials?

    • Shantell Gonzalez says:

      @Clyde Gray that’s the reason for the wait! They were getting their own kids while allowing others to die!

    • Clyde Gray says:

      Bet they would have found some courage if their own children were under the gun. Just following orders, yeah!

  9. HayK47 says:

    The chief definitely needs to be charged. But every officer that failed to act should at least have their certification as police officers revoked.

  10. Lora Nelson says:

    His secret swearing-in had nothing to do with “Respect for the Families.” It was because he was too much of a coward to face the community he swore to protect. Shame on those who “swore him in.

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