We are the Washington Commanders

We are the Washington Commanders

The future of Washington football is here

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52 Responses

  1. Benis Slayer says:

    “Y’all went from redskins to the people who killed them” 💀

  2. pex320 says:

    I’m so sorry Washington fans, you guys deserve so much better.

  3. Justa Fishguy007 says:

    I’m dead inside. 38 yrs as a Redskins fan longest relationship I’ve ever had and they still disappoint me. We’re the Browns for the NFC East. Should have names us the Maryland crab claws 😂

  4. Ratchet Unleashed says:

    I’m not a Washington fan but I know for a fact that their were more better options then what they decided to go with.

  5. Jacob Sims says:

    I really thought we’d get Red Wolves. I can hear the commentators now. ” And the Washington Commanders got commanded on that one!”

  6. Der Giggler says:

    Commanders might be one of the few names worse than not having a name

  7. Sean C M says:

    As a Giants fan, literally any name was better than this. Armada was the one I was rooting for

  8. Rashied Rushing says:

    It took the geniuses a year to come up with “Commanders?” Wow, just…wow

  9. Nick Throttle says:

    As a eagles fan, you are still the redskins. Forever and always. Commanders sounds like a high school volleyball team.

  10. Papa dukes says:

    They will always be the Redskins to me I’m 69yrs young and been a fan a long time

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