Orange Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Florida State Seminoles | Full Game Highlights

Orange Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Florida State Seminoles | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from the 2023 Orange Bowl, where No. 6 Georgia defeats the No. 5 Florida State Seminoles, 63-3. The 60-point win is the largest margin in Bowl game history, beating out the 2023 National Championship that featured Georgia against TCU.

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52 Responses

  1. @FDWL024 says:

    Didn’t think it could get worse than the tcu game

  2. @LauraWollstonecraft-OK31g says:

    Bulldog pride! Thank you for a great season, UGA! Go Dawgs!!!

  3. @davesullivan8073 says:

    You know watching these highlights I noticed that Georgia scored their last points with almost 12 minutes to go. Can you imagine if they wanted to they could’ve put 100 on this team no doubt.

    • @swatisquantum says:

      They showed mercy. 70-3 or 77-3 woildve looked pretty bad

    • @sethtenrec says:

      @@swatisquantum they could’ve gone a lot higher than that, they had deep on the roster players in for the second half as well. If Georgia went all out with their starters all game long the score would’ve been in the 100s.

    • @williamn1033 says:

      Gave their 2nd and 3rd string guys some play time.

    • @RepentandbelieveinJesusChrist. says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ ”He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.“
      ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3‬:‭11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • @shaungomez9898 says:

      Amen brother

  4. @peytondavis8411 says:

    The only surprising part of this entire game was that UGA didn’t score in the last 11 minutes of the 4th quarter and run it up to a 100+ score game.

  5. @TheOpqu says:

    As a Florida Gator fan, Im glad to see the in-state rival stand in solidarity with us by also opting out of a bowl game…

    • @mintcarrier says:

      You guys did too?

    • @nautgamingnautgaming9949 says:

      It’s a sign of bad leadership at the top if players QUIT
      That means your athletic director AND or coach sucks
      You can’t ignore the problem as if half the team QUIT that says alot about the culture

    • @dominique8662 says:

      ​@nautgamingnautgaming9949 naw we just tired of getting used by those delusional and greedy white men. 😂 Those days of control are slipping away 😂

    • @mintcarrier says:

      @@nautgamingnautgaming9949 nah

    • @Grimm-UGA says:

      ​@mintcarrier if you say so….. but to others it’s night and day obvious. On the top teams with the best rosters the only players that sit out really are ones in the portal. Unless they recently dealt with injury then there’s no excuse. If you’re on the team using the benefits of the school to your needs then you play. Simple.

  6. @TentomushiHH says:

    From this day forward we shall refer to this game as the Orange Bowl Massacre.

  7. @DuttyBWildin says:

    This was like watching a Navy Seal fight a Baby Seal 😔

  8. @jamiethornton6101 says:

    I will say this much. I really like Kirby Smart and what he said after the game. This opting out for the portal, something has to be fixed about it. It’s destroying college football and the entire bowl season. Instead of getting to see a great game, this is what we got. I honestly believe Georgia is still one of the best four teams in the Country.

    • @Hayyyward says:

      Yep. Even Kirby knew this was an unequal matchup and bravo to him for saying so.

    • @itsajoeybeat1 says:

      Agreed, I really like Kirby. He’s old school competitive and makes it about the game and playing to win. There’s no reason to opt out. The excuse of “I don’t wanna get hurt bc I’m going to the nfl draft” is bs. Why play any game then if you don’t wanna be hurt?

    • @KelDaniel-ys8tl says:

      Coming from a Bama fan yes UGA is a top 4 school

    • @AR18123 says:

      @@itsajoeybeat1And it’s not like all of these opt outs will go on to have illustrious NFL careers either

    • @user-we3me3dg1y says:

      They’re the BEST team in the country. One loss by a field goal. If they played Alabama 3 more times, they’d win all three.

  9. @Justin-eq8ek says:

    My heart goes out to FSU players who stayed and played

  10. @goodlowdell says:

    Much respect for the Florida players who did show up to play my hat off to them.

    • @Imwityohoe says:

      Nobody even cares about these 2 teams I literally came to watch the highlights and just changed my mind completely not wasting my time

    • @334ben10 says:

      @@Imwityohoe5.3k comments and over 700k views in less than 24hrs. Y’all be really sounding dumb trying to make everything seem unimportant, CLEARLY many cared about them

    • @iluvdissheet says:

      Im not sure there would be much of a difference. 😏

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