We Drove the Worst Reviewed Car in America

We Drove the Worst Reviewed Car in America

We drove the Vinfast VF8 to see if all of the negative reviews were justified.

Special thanks to Natalie Ly for lending us her Vinfast. Check out her experiences with the Vinfast on her YouTube channel here: @nataliely73

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49 Responses

  1. GatlingArbalest says:

    If this car had used a diesel engine, it would’ve been called VinDiesel

  2. Xaqaria says:

    If you eventually do a “Did Vinfast fix their issues” video, I vote for including a getaway skit.

    • Cormac Holland says:

      Lmao yes, I agree they should give them a shot.

    • Edgar Martinez says:

      slasher film with the vf8

    • Xaqaria says:

      @Edgar Martinez grade it by the type of getaway. Kindergarten drop-off vs. zombie apocalypse vs. slasher film.

      This video: Kindergarten drop-off Karen with a walker ✅ with caveats that you can’t rely on the blindspot detection and may get continuously triggered by the chimes thinking it’s the bell from Karen’s walker.

    • tren133 says:

      Maybe some of the software bugs. But you can’t OTA you way out of that poorly tuned suspension, and that would be a deal breaker for me. Crazy part is Vinfast got their start building rebodied BMW SUVs. Some of the parts on the VF8 look to be last gen BMW parts bin stuff. They’ve apparently learned nothing from BMW despite being able to build BMWs on their production lines for several years.

    • Hansel Ogboghodo says:

      W vid idea

  3. Amir Naim says:

    Imagine trying to avoid a collision but the car refuses to steer because you didn’t turn on the blinkers

    • Jeffrey Skillman says:

      Yeah pretty dangerous. On the other hand everyone should use their blinkers

    • Ken Brown says:

      on the other hand, imagine turning on lane holding and then complaining because it holds the lane.

      maybe they could compromise and let heavy braking cancel the lane holding feature.

    • Dyl says:

      A lot of cars do that nowadays. Not just Vinfast.

    • Luis Sera says:

      I remember an Audi hire car with the lane assist would shake like mad if I changed lanes without using the indicators it was at midnight and I was the only one on that particular road 😂

    • WesterlyStraight says:

      Many cars do it, but it might give some insurance benefits to have. Might. The annoying part is that the vehicle will likely keep a warning light on if you turn off ‘safety’ features.
      If anyone wonders what a better implementation is, my nissan’s wheel vibrates when i go over a line without blinkers. You know you’re wrong, and you’re still in control without needing to be yelled at either. That’s it

  4. Bill Selby says:

    “Just make a car that’s electric. Don’t make it all weird!” 100%, wish that was a thing from any company.

    • Garrett Broadnax says:

      Volvo EX30

    • Bill Selby says:

      @Garrett Broadnax It does look like it has a regular shifter which is nice. It has parking assist which I think is a bit weird but at least I can choose not to use it. The deal breaker for me (and to be fair you see this on a lot of gas cars now too) is the massive touch screen controls for everything. Touch screens have no place in driver controls in a car.

    • Van says:

      Electric cars are dumb

    • BigWheel says:

      @Van yeah because they keep trying to appeal to i toddlers and not car people. It’s like video games, they’re not made for gamers, they’re made for cynical content creators and critics. It sucks

    • zeliz says:

      They did and people were not buying them.

  5. RandomCan says:

    This is real journalist stuff.

    • Dick Dastardly says:

      big boy observation! jokes aside donut media has been a multi million dollar entertainment business for like half a decade now what are u talking about?

    • RandomCan says:

      @CreamTeam6  their slogan = Real Mechanic Stuff
      Journalism has devolved into opinion and puff pieces. This was a throughly investigated like how journalism is supposed to be.

      Put em together, there you go. It’s not that deep.

    • Adventa says:

      @RandomCan i mean, i’m probably making this comment from your left politically, but i’ve noticed a lot of bias and censoring and huffing + puffing from modern journalism too. you can try places like the Center for Investigative Reporting, 1440 news, and similar. I’ve also found indie journalists to be very good, for example I’ve followed Erin Reed’s reporting on LGBT issues to be very high quality, and there’s also exceptional youtube journalists who deconstruct politics well like Unlearning Economics, tirrb, and F.D. Signifier.

    • Blue Boy says:

      Now THIS is pod racing!

  6. hathaway. says:

    “This is the kind of company that throws money at problems” TOO DAMN TRUE James, They gotta get their sht together if they don’t want to fail

  7. Limpy Dan says:

    The car that makes you depressed and sick when you drive it. Awesome.

  8. Winston Wright says:

    ABSOLUTELY DO A FOLLOW UP. If they claim it’s fixed… Then let’s see it. And I’d recommend the same exact car, but with their patch installed. Not some handpicked model VinFast wants you to try.

  9. Dave Smith says:

    Is this an example of a new “let the customers beta test it” attitude in a lot of manufacturing now? Not all manufacturer’s do this but some doo, and it is rampant in the software world for sure. I think you did a fair take on this car. I am also glad that most auto manufacturer’s do not put cars this far from satisfactory on the market.

    • Ummm Bye says:

      I think letting the customers beta test is a good strategy to see what you need to get right. Let them complain and you fix it. However sometimes you may have to take it to a shop to fix it

    • Paul Tomaszewski says:

      @Ummm Bye But beta testers usually get some kind of compinsation for their time, they don’t here. To me, that’s just wrong. But then again cell phone makers have been doing this for years now when they release a new phone or update the OS. They save money and we get to complain about them till it’s fixed.

    • pappi says:

      I don’t really play video games anymore, but I’m still immersed in the industry’s news. Their analogy is scary to think about with No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk. The “release product now and fix later” mindset is one thing when it’s about a harmless video game. It’s another when you are talking about a very expensive purchase that can risk your life. It’s a mindset I can easily see Germany and America’s top companies doing. They know they have a sizeable demographic who will buy their products regardless of their safety.

      Let’s just hope that regulations are set in place so we don’t have everyone driving down the road, not being able to change lanes without blinkers, and stalling in the middle of the highway.

    • Rasen says:

      ​@pappi8338 The funny part about the video game analogy is that car manufacturers are now dabbling in Microtransactions and monthly subscriptions for features already installed on the vehicle. We’re in the Era of on-disk dlc except in car version.

    • Charley V says:

      “Fix it in post.”

  10. RossoRacer says:

    And this is why I like older vehicles without so much as DRLs or autolights

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