Dirt Shark | “DANGER SMOKE” feat. Haiden Deegan on a YZ 250 2 Stroke

Dirt Shark | “DANGER SMOKE” feat. Haiden Deegan on a YZ 250 2 Stroke

17 year old moto phenom, Haiden “Danger Boy” Deegan rides a 2022 YZ 250 2 stroke for the first time around the infamous GOAT FARM in Cairo, GA.

Turn up the volume and watch the Danger Boy rip while going head to head with a 90’s legend.

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42 Responses

  1. TimsTCG says:

    Nothing beats a 2-stroke and that sound. Rather it be a 2022 model or a 90s model. It’s always crisp.

  2. Derek Hallman says:

    Haiden brings so much personality to motocross… I was smiling non-stop watching this!

  3. Chongo Rlz says:

    That track prep was absolutely glorious!🎉🎉

  4. Maxx Speed says:

    Haiden sure does know how to rip a 2-stroke

  5. Pete Mitchell says:

    Had chills the whole time. 55 and watching this kid like I’m a teenager!

  6. RockStarBMF says:

    Man this was sooooo SICK!!! Only thing that could have added to it, would have been to have RC4, and JS7 come out on their old school green and yellow 250’s and chase Haiden around lol!!! Loved this!!!!

  7. Matthew Liebhart says:

    Hope we see him at straight rhythm on that thing 🔥

    • Joni Salo says:

      I don’t think we can see him because straight rythm is sponsored by redbull

    • herrion says:

      @Joni Salo bro what are you smoking, supercross is sponsored by monster and redbull riders race it.

    • tbmdd says:

      It has more to do with contractual obligations than anything. Factory teams prefer to not stray away from what their rider was signed to race. Especially during the off-season when they want to keep their riders safe and healthy. It’s just too risky to go get injured racing straight rythm.

    • Mav says:

      feeling dangerous!!

    • Lane Burkes says:

      @herrion Who’s the last monster athlete that raced Straight Rhythm?

  8. Twisted Revan says:

    2:25 is straight up full commitment!!! People who don’t ride won’t understand how badass that was !!

  9. Berserker says:

    cant’ believe 2 strokes are making a come back…glad to see it…nothing beats that feeling when the powerband kicks in

    • Paulie Walnuts says:

      Unfortunately there really not. They’ve maintained a loyal following and have some popularity amongst amateur racers but besides ktm, they’ve had no development for decades. I think this video was made because the yz250 did have a few updates in 2022. Unless manufacturers start racing 2 strokes again, I’m afraid it’s just a slow death.

    • billg1374 says:

      @Paulie Walnuts Yea I dont think they will come back to the motocross circuit like back in the day, but they are still popular in the offroad world. KTM/Husky/GasGas, Sherco, Beta, TM all have 2 stroke models. But to what FJB said, the do not have the snap of power like back in the day. They are smooth for woods riding.

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