We Let A Wheel Decide Our Pokemon Challenges

We Let A Wheel Decide Our Pokemon Challenges

We played Pokemon but a wheel decided our Pokemon Challenges! First to win 5 different challenges wins the John Michael Cup!
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Edited by @TylerTinted
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29 Responses

  1. Tyler says:

    Thank you guys for coming along for another season of the JMC, no matter who wins it’s been a great journey to be a part of! Side note, that ref definitely deserves a raise.

  2. Wade- [ウエイド] says:

    I cannot WAIT for season 3. The chemistry and friendship between you two is so infectious. Congrats to John Michael for winning

  3. PerfectStorm says:

    Thank you guys for putting my battle theme. What an amazing finale!
    Congrats to the winner 🎉

  4. Brian’s video blog & more says:

    Congrats to the winner! What an amazing episode & season! Can’t wait to see what’s next for the John Michael cup! 😂🏆

  5. Greninja Gaming says:

    JMC has seriously made my summer, I would always watch them as they came out and be longing for another, I can’t wait for season 3, if it happens, if it does I’ll definitely be there

  6. Michael Nelson says:

    This was a truly hilarious finale! The inevitable tie in the heights, the sheer cold reaction, the interrupting Gogoat, and especially the frosting-stealing scream had me laughing out loud and replaying the moments.

  7. SirStazian says:

    If this vid doesn’t end in John finding a shiny I would be very surprised😂
    Edit: Mikey hit a SHEER COLD?!

  8. Amber Lewis says:

    The number of times I was wheezing with laughter in this video… the comedic chemistry is even better in person

    Also I strongly relate to Mikey because I, too, eat semisweet chocolate chips directly out of the bag

  9. Matthew Kunis says:

    John finally outsmarting Mikey for the win was the best ending possible.

  10. Cassandra Spoelhof says:

    The Pokémon cries part was incredible and chaotic. I laughed twice first at John getting the Shiny, and then at Michael winning with Stonejorner.😂

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