We Raced To Visit The Most US States In 100 Hrs – Day 3

We Raced To Visit The Most US States In 100 Hrs – Day 3

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This season, follow Adam and Ben versus Sam and Brian as they travel across the country competing for control over the most US states. They’ll have 4 days to travel to as many states as possible, complete challenges from their deck, and desperately try to defend their territory from this season’s newest twist: battles.

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Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
Editing by Henry Ariza, Ryan Alva
Motion Graphics by Lili Pereira, Max Moser, Josh Sherrington, Maddy Haynes, Sara Stoltman, Aelee Vang, Derek Brown, Mikaila Blackburn, Neel Sawant, Parker Simmons
Audio by Manni Simon, Donovan Bullen
Supervising Producer Graham Haerther
Artwork by Simon Buckmaster

The production has offset 10x its estimated carbon impact through The Wren climate portfolio: https://www.wren.co/profile/wendoverproductions

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44 Responses

  1. Mev lingo says:

    Sam being overly excited about Bu cees has to be one of the funniest things that comes out of this season so far

  2. Jonathan W says:

    Adam explaining how they specifically needed a chevy killed me.

    • Lost says:

      @Dan D Hey, I couldn’t read anything from your timestamps besides AVIS, but I went back to my timestamp 12:48 and saw that the line for color/ model was left BLANK 😧

    • Daniel Cole says:

      If you’ve ever watched Taskmaster, you know how easy it is for someone to totally miss/forget information under time constraints and pressure.
      And is it the end of the world if they did change the perspective for content? In the end this is a show not a serious competition.

    • Jessica Å says:

      @Dan D Of course they COULD have known that they got a Ford, I don’t know them so I can’t say if that was the case or not, but honestly, they were in a rush. Have you ever been stressed out of your damn mind? Know how that makes you miss the most important details? Yeah, exactly. They asked for a Chevy, they probably thought they got one, so they rushed out to find… not a Chevy. It’s really not that hard to believe that they simply missed it while running around like mad men.

    • Stefan Negru-Tropic idk says:

      @A Z bruh the key was in the car

    • offensing says:

      @Dan D their f15 and f15 had ford on it

  3. DrummerAndPker says:

    as a lawyer, Adam and Ben trying to foment a conspiracy via Tinder is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  4. C-S Featured says:

    As much as I enjoyed season 3, I’m glad that this game’s mechanics actively encourage the players to get out of where they are to very different locations, and I look forward to seeing all different places of the USA.

  5. Kad Xe says:

    I love the fact that there’s not a single way to verify all those birds were different birds.

    • Pobi-Wan Kenobica says:

      @Archer Elms sam cheating? He would neeever 😂 he “stretched” the rules of challenges in every prior season

    • Archer Elms says:

      @DenZy it would ruin the game to just outright cheat. And they’re all friends, and mostly coworkers, why would they ruin the fun and friendship for some made up points? They’ll stretch the rules for the content, certainly, but they’re not gonna just break the rules. Plus, as @dddgaming said, Ben and Adam might have got some repeat birds too. Especially if it was roosting at one point and then flying the next

    • Ghifari77 says:

      @dddgaming you’re way too smart and nice for these kind of people

    • Ghifari77 says:

      @Jake Hix Because ben and adam stans are the most idiot and annoying people in this comment section. Literally have brain damage.

    • Ghifari77 says:

      Thankfully most people are generally more honest than you.

  6. JR Haven says:

    21:19 That’s a radar ball! That’s how either O’Hare or the other Chicago airport knows if there is rain in the vicinity. It could also be for the National Weather Service.

    • JR Haven says:

      @Mobius_Peverell Oh, really? Interesting! I used the number 3 because there’s 3 available to look at in my RadarOmega app, but if there’s more, cool!

    • Velocity says:

      It Would Really Be Both But For The Most Part Yes But When They Saw It They Were Not Very Close To The Airport So Its Probably Is NOAA/NWS Weather Radar.
      Most Airports Do Have Their Own Weather Equipment I Would Know My Small Hometown Airport Does Sends Temperature and Other Data To NWS.

    • Owlboy_28 says:


    • Mobius_Peverell says:

      @JR Haven There are way, way more than 3. Hundreds, at least. Radomes are quite common.

    • Seraphina Joyce says:

      @Kieiros Pretty much, since nebula has no comments when I watched the episode last week I said the same thing to Ben on twitter. Namely that it was a doppler radar installation and that ball is just a protective enclosure. Granted the doppler radar part was with lower confidence but that installation does look like a popular industry design for a doppler radar installation complete with it’s modular tower mount as the towers are supplied in pre-fab segments to match the installation height that best suits the local topography,

  7. Rohit Hari says:

    Ben and Adam: Strategising where Sam and Brian are.
    Sam and Brian: BUC-EE’S!!!

  8. Zack says:

    I’m totally ready to be wrong, but it really doesn’t seem like the area bonus is enough of a lift to matter in the end. It’s only plus two, and while ben and adam are crossing borders to get multiple states, sam and brian are taking long flights to secure the two point bonus that has them still behind by two.

    Very fun concept and looking forward to the next episode!

    • The Tanner Show says:

      @radagastwiz The bonus isnt applied until the end of the game though. Ben and Adam are still winning by two. Considering Ben and Adam keep grinding states in the north they could still outpace Same and Brian.

    • radagastwiz says:

      It’s plus two to your team, and minus two to the other, when you switch. So a four point swing.

  9. User Name says:

    i love the addition of brian, he is such fun

  10. Braxton Banks says:

    21:13 That is a weather radar for Chicago Midway airport, also known as a TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar).

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